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This month in Label-Talk, read about QR codes and how they can help your business. Also make sure to check out our custom quote updates, catch up on Brian's Blog, and find out the latest industry news. Don't miss the top six cold calling mistakes that you should avoid.

I.D. Images' Team



How QR Codes Can Improve Your Business 

What is a QR code? A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that can store a large amount of text. QR codes can be used to hold URLs, contact information, tracking information and more. QR codes originated in Japan and have spread to the US. They have been used on everything from marketing pieces and business cards to billboards and t-shirts.


The benefit of a QR code is that it can be scanned with any smartphone and instantly take you to a website or give you a piece of information such as a phone number or email address. All that you need to be able to experience the benefits of QR codes is a free QR code reader app.


QR codes can improve your business by giving customers instant access to a piece of information. You could write an article on a new product and then include a QR code that takes people to the product purchasing page on your website. You could include a QR code on your business card that links to a map of your business's location. You could even include a QR code on your company literature containing the contact information of one of your sales reps.


Now that you know how to use QR codes, try reading this code with your smartphone. It links to the mobile version of our site.



Custom Quote Request 

We have updated our custom label quoting to include a user-friendly, mobile version of our quote request form. If you use our mobile quote request and supply all of the needed information, you can be sure that there will be a quick response.


If you prefer to submit quote requests from a PC, we also have an updated online version of our quote request form. It contains a glossary of terms in case you are not familiar with a term.

Lastly, if you prefer to fill out requests by hand, we have a simple PDF form that you can print and fax back to us. Please supply all of the necessary information to ensure that we can give you a quick response with an accurate price.



Trends & Industry News

Walmart Proves Why Price-Based Selling is a Huge Mistake 

Here's a true cautionary tale every sales manager should pass along to their salespeople. With retail sales down and consumer confidence on the fritz, Walmart decided to try...

Source:  Sales & Marketing Business Brief

The Top 6 Stupid Cold Calling Mistakes

There are no magical tips you could get that'll guarantee success for all cold calls. But, unfortunately, there are six dumb mistakes that will ensure failure and rejection...
Source:  Sales & Marketing Business Brief



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