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ID Images offers VI (Variable Imprint) and standard pressure-sensitive paper, which makes up most of the label substrates used in this market. Along with films, we provide label solutions for mobile media, linerless applications, integrated labels, and PRO label booklets to help your customers keep track of pallets and deliveries every step of the way.

Most labels in this segment are used for shipping, asset tracking, and container identification. Color-coded LPN labels (License Plate Number) are often used for quick identification in warehousing for lot separation. ID Images also offers PAPS (Pre-arrival Processing System) labels and PARS (Pre-arrival Release System) labels to manage shipments of goods crossing between the United States and Canada.


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Get Your Shipments Where They Need to Be — Hassle-Free

Proper labeling of shipments ensures that they can reach their destination without disruption. Custom-printed transportation shipping labels have revolutionized the way we handle transportation processes. The ability to customize labels with important information such as barcodes, tracking numbers, and specific instructions improves workflow efficiency across the board.

Not only do these labels help streamline operations but they also enhance the overall business image by providing a polished and organized appearance.

By utilizing custom-printed labels, businesses can ensure accurate deliveries, reduce errors, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Investing in quality logistics labels is a wise decision that can positively impact the success of a company’s shipping operations.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks With the Right Labels

By ensuring that all packages are clearly labeled with vital information such as destination, weight, and handling instructions, we can streamline the shipping process and minimize delays.

Implementing custom barcodes or RFID technology can further enhance visibility and tracking, allowing for real-time updates on the location of shipments. Investing in high-quality labels and technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs in the long run.


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Benefits of Custom Transportation Shipping Labels

As a leading provider of custom-printed transportation and logistics labels, ID Images offers high-quality solutions for warehouses, mobile media, and linerless applications. By choosing our labels for your business needs, you can: 

  • Increase efficiency in your warehouse with custom-printed transportation labels that enhance productivity, product visibility, and workflows. 
  • Streamline your logistics operations with color-coded LPN labels for easy organization and inventory management.
  • Simplify your pre-arrival processing with PAPS and PARS labels that meet industry standards and compliance requirements.

We offer a wide range of custom solutions to help improve every stage of your supply chain. 

Speak with a shipping labels expert about your needs. 


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Custom Shipping Labels by Experts

ID Images is a team of industry experts who draw from our diverse experiences and backgrounds to help our customers achieve the greatest results.

In the transportation industry, efficiency is fueled by accuracy, and productivity requires strategic labeling to ensure packages meet their destinations on time. With our innovative approach to printing, we leverage cutting-edge technology with years of expertise to deliver the best solutions every time. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Information Should Be Included On a Shipping Label?

A transportation label should include essential details such as the sender and recipient’s addresses, package contents, weight, handling instructions, tracking numbers, and any special requirements. This information helps carriers and handlers safely and efficiently transport the package to its destination.

2. How Can I Ensure My Shipping Labels Are Compliant With Industry Regulations?

To ensure that your transportation labels comply with industry regulations, it is essential to stay informed about the latest guidelines and standards set by organizations such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). We understand these regulations and can help you create labels that meet these requirements.

3. What Is the Most Durable Material for a Shipping Label? 

When it comes to durability, we typically recommend synthetic materials like polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyester. These materials are water-resistant, scratch-proof, and ideal for shipping products that may undergo rough handling or extreme temperatures. 

For more standard applications, matte and recycled matte paper are affordable options that can easily be used in domestic shipments. When barcodes are involved, weatherproof matte and polyester inkjet are good options. 


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As transportation label experts, we understand that clarity and accuracy are crucial when labeling packages for transportation.

If you have questions about transportation labels or need assistance with creating custom labels for your shipments, speak with a shipping labels expert. We’re here to help make your shipping process smooth and efficient.


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