Peel-Back Labels

Double Your Content, Not Your Packaging

Peel-back labels from ID Images are the epitome of smart packaging solutions, allowing brands to expand their content space without compromising on design. Ideal for industries navigating stringent regulatory requirements or desiring to enrich customer engagement, these extended content labels are an ingenious solution for maximizing label space while preserving aesthetic appeal.

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Revolutionize Packaging with Peel-Back Solutions

Multi-layer labels provide a unique opportunity to include comprehensive product information, promotional messages, or regulatory details without cluttering your packaging. By integrating dual-layered labels or exploring the innovative triple peel-back options, brands can significantly enhance their product’s appeal and functionality.


Versatile Label Solutions for Every Need

ID Images offers a variety of label solutions tailored to meet diverse packaging needs:

  • Standard Peel-Back Labels: Perfect for adding essential product information or compliance details without altering your design.
  • Triple Peel-Backs: Offering triple the space for impactful branding and detailed storytelling. Ideal for products requiring extensive instructions, ingredients, or legal information.
  • Peel-Offs and Peel-Outs: Engage your customers with interactive labels that include removable stickers, adding an element of fun and reusability to your packaging.
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Customizing Your Multi-Layer Labels

Your brand’s uniqueness should be mirrored in your labels. ID Images excels in delivering customized multi-layer label solutions, guiding you through selecting materials, designs, and printing techniques that align with your branding needs. Our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into impactful labels that resonate with your target audience.

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Selecting the Right Label for Your Product

Choosing the correct type of extended content label depends on your specific needs:

  • For regulatory compliance or extensive product information: Standard peel-back or triple peel-back labels are ideal.
  • To enhance customer interaction and brand engagement: Consider peel-offs and peel-outs for a memorable user experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do peel-back labels work?
A: Consisting of multiple layers that can be peeled back to reveal additional content, they maximize space on a single label.

Q: Can peel-back labels be customized for any product?
A: Absolutely. ID Images offers custom solutions, ensuring your labels align with your product’s packaging requirements and aesthetic.

Q: Are peel-back labels durable?
A: Yes. Designed with longevity in mind, our labels withstand various conditions, ensuring your message remains clear and intact.


Engage with ID Images for Multi-Layer Label Solutions

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