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All-in-One Label and Form Solutions for Streamlined Workflows

Integrated labels are a cornerstone of modern operational efficiency, widely utilized in the transport and logistics industry, as well as healthcare and fulfillment sectors. These all-in-one labels integrate seamlessly into forms, enabling multifunctional applications such as pick/pack lists, return merchandise authorizations, and even prescription forms. This makes them indispensable tools for businesses aiming to streamline their operations.

At the heart of multi-part labels lies their innovative design, combining paper forms with attached adhesive labels. This integration allows for simultaneous printing of shipping information and labels, prescriptions, or return instructions, significantly reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Compatible with inkjet, laser, and, upon request, thermal printers, our integrated labels ensure versatility and ease of use across various industries.

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Versatile Applications

Integrated labels are indispensable in numerous operational contexts:

  • Pick/Pack Lists and Return Merchandise: Ensure accurate shipping and easy returns with labels that double as packing lists.
  • Warehousing/Inventory Control: Enhance inventory management with labels designed for easy tracking and updates.
  • Prescriptions and Healthcare Forms: Secure patient information and streamline healthcare processes with specialized labels.
  • Return Address Labels: Simplify mailing with integrated labels that include return information.

ID Images’ all-in-one labels cater to a wide array of companies, including warehouses, hospitals, and manufacturers, supporting efficiency and precision in every task.

Customizing Your Integrated Labels with ID Images

ID Images excels in offering custom solutions for your important label needs. Our capabilities include:

  • Flexibility in Format: Choose from cut sheet or continuous (pinfeeds) options to match your printing and application requirements.
  • Color Options: Benefit from printing up to 7 colors at 14” wide and up to 2 colors at 18” wide for vibrant, clear labels.
  • Adhesive Widths: Select adhesives up to 6.5” wide for secure application across various surfaces.
  • Quality and Sustainability: Our production process is designed to minimize scrap and waste, emphasizing quality control and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to minimizing waste and ensuring quality control underscores our dedication to providing superior custom integrated label solutions tailored to your specific operational needs.

Specifications at a Glance

Our integrated labels are crafted with attention to detail and quality:

  • Material: 24 pound white MOCR bond paper, ensuring durability and compatibility with inkjet and laser printers.
  • Size and Adhesive: 8.5 x 11 paper size equipped with a general-purpose permanent adhesive, featuring a 2.5 mil Glassine liner for easy peeling.
  • Popular Dimensions: The IL400250B model, our most popular integrated label dimension, exemplifies our commitment to providing practical and widely applicable label solutions.
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Markets and Applications Served

From enhancing the accuracy of shipments in transportation and logistics to streamlining patient care in healthcare settings, all-in-one labels find applications in:

  • Logistics and Transportation: Simplifying shipping and returns with easily accessible labels.
  • Healthcare: Facilitating patient records, prescriptions, and care instructions.
  • Fulfillment Houses and Mail-Order Services: Improving order accuracy and return processes.

ID Images’ integrated labels are designed to meet the diverse needs of these sectors, providing a reliable solution for efficient operation and communication.

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Need a Custom Integrated Label?

ID Images specializes in creating bespoke multi-part labeling solutions tailored to your specific operational needs. Let us help you design and manufacture a custom label that perfectly meets your customers’ exact requirements.


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