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This month's Label-Talk highlights our new linerless direct thermal product. We also discuss how you can provide solutions for your customers this holiday season. Don't forget to contact rfq@idimages.com for custom quote requests.

I.D. Images' Team



Introducing Linerless Direct Thermal



Did you know that over 50% of label material ends up as waste? The liner and matrix constitute more than half of the label and end up being discarded during label application. To combat this excess waste I.D. Images has developed a linerless label product. There are many benefits to linerless products including environmental benefits, safety benefits, increased efficiency, and decreased costs. Read more about the benefits of linerless labels here.


There are many situations where linerless labels are more suitable than their linered counterpart. Retail and warehouse shelf labeling is much easier when there is no excess liner to carry around. Weigh scale labeling for meat, produce, and bakeries is made easier when you can apply the labels directly without dealing with a liner. Hospital and medical lab labeling is simpler without having to discard a liner. Other uses are case ready meat labeling, retail price labeling, case labeling, return merchandise labeling, and mobile printing applications.


Starting this month I.D. Images is offering two stock direct thermal linerless products. Our 4" x 6" direct thermal perf and 4" x 85' continuous direct thermal labels are available with a one case minimum. Contact I.D. Images at 866-516-7300 today for more information.






'Tis the Season for Label Opportunities


The holiday shopping season is upon us!  This year Black Friday retail sales rose 7% and internet sales jumped 26%.  Added to that, Cyber Monday is expected to reach a record $1.2 billion.  The surge in holiday shopping will drive incremental label demand and provide new opportunities. 


A couple areas for incremental label demand and potential new opportunities include 3rd Party Logistics (3PL's) and Fulfillment Houses.  These industries bear the brunt of assembling, packaging and distributing, a large portion of the yuletide gift giving. 


We can't think of a better gift you can give your customer than solutions to help them be more efficient and profitable.  Here is a holiday list of label solutions you can offer your customer:


  • Direct thermal media for mobile printing (3/4" and 1" core)
  • Linerless media - more labels/roll, eco friendly
  • Integrated labels - combine invoicing and return labels - great solution for products sold via the internet
  • Stock items ship same day when order placed by 4:00 PM EST - eliminate the worry of running out of labels


Call us and let's work together to find just the right holiday gift for your customer this year!




Trends & Industry News


Key to a strong 2011 finish: Expedite the end-of-year push 

With so much concern over the lack of spending, a lot of companies have ramped up their fourth-quarter promotions. Here's one strategy that will help you finish the year strong...

Source: Sales & Marketing Business Brief


Make the most of new meat labeling law 

Retailers and their meat and poultry suppliers caught a bit of a break this month, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that a new rule mandating nutritional labeling on meat and poultry packages would be delayed until March 1, 2012...

Source: Packaging Digest





We offer free product samples on all of our stock products.  We recommend product testing to determine product suitability for any given application.  Call us today at 866.516.7300 for your next label opportunity.