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This month in Label-Talk, we talk about the 8 biggest challenges that packaging distributors face. We also cover the PSDA show. Don't forget, if you have a custom request for quote, use rfq@idimages.com.

I.D. Images' Team



The 8 Biggest Challenges Packaging Distributors Face


8 biggest challenges packaging distributors faceThe last several years have seen many changes in the US packaging industry. Consolidation on every level - suppliers, distributors, customers - has led to an increasingly competitive market. Many packaging distributors feel like they are being assaulted on every front. Below we discuss 8 of the top challenges packaging distributors face, along with ways to overcome each of these challenges. 


1. The perception that "Packaging is a commodity."


Yes, packaging materials are available from many sources. Many materials can be substituted freely. Packaging is as important as any other component of a product. For consumer products, packaging often is the deciding factor in a purchase decision. An academic study determined 70% of decisions at grocery stores are made at the point of purchase. What is influencing that decision? Packaging is a critical component of how we choose what we buy.


Read "The 8 Biggest Challenges Packaging Distributors Face" 



Faster Custom Estimates


In the past, most customers have used our fax line or our Customer Service email address to submit custom requests. For a quicker response, you can submit custom requests for quote and custom orders to rfq@idimages.com. We have recently improved our systems so that any quote request submitted this way goes directly to our custom estimating team. We have a 24 hour turnaround on custom quotes when using this method. Remember, if it's custom, email rfq@idimages.com.




PSDA's Print Solutions 2011 Show


PSDA ShowThanks to all who attended the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo. It was nice catching up with our customers. 


For those of you that missed it, we discussed some of our new capabilities including integrated labels, digital printing, and mobile printing solutions. Throughout the show there was a generally positive vibe about our industry's future, and a high amount of interest in digital printing. For more information on our new capabilites or to learn about upcoming shows, contact us at 866.516.7300. 




Trends & Industry News

Walmart's Views On Retail-Ready Packaging

The five easies are a firm foundation in Walmart's approach to RRP. And as Chet Rutledge points out, there's a role for packaging equipment builders and material suppliers, too.... 

Source: Packaging World Magazine
When Prospects Bring Up The Competition: 4 Great Responses

What should your salespeople do if a prospect brings up the competition? Here are four ways they should handle the situation...
Source: Sales & Marketing Business Brief



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