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Film Labeling for Durable Applications

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Why Choose I.D. Images

We deliver label solutions.  The solution goes beyond converting labels.  We deliver the highest quality products and services with personalized service.

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This month in Label-Talk, read about the film label market and where to grow your media business, what's new with I.D. Images as well as the latest industry news and trends.


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Film Labeling 

Just focused on selling traditional paper labels?  If so, you could be missing out on profitable film label business.  Plus, if you're not supporting your customers with film media solutions, your competition will.  We can help!

Films represent roughly 10% of the total Variable Information (VI) market.  Films are used in a variety of market segments including healthcare, food, retail, industrial chemical and consumer durables to name a few.  Applications vary from traditional track and trace to warning, identification, instructions and branding.  Government regulations, product safety and the increasing demands on the ability to track and trace products are helping to drive the use of more durable film label products.

Why use a film label versus paper?  The primary reasons to use film media in a labeling application generally include one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Durability requirement
  2. Appearance
  3. Conformability
  4. Flexibility

Over the past year, we have made considerable investments to provide our customers with short run quick turnaround film label solutions.  Equipment upgrades at our Cleveland location and our recent acquisition has greatly enhanced our film handling capabilities.  We are able to process and supply various film types including polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, vinyl and more exotic films as applications warrant.  Each of these film types have unique properties.  The application, printing and converting are key considerations when selecting a film type.

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Trends & Industry News

Warnings show food labels are a new FDA priority 

The traditional way to think about Food and Drug Administration enforcement is to divide violations into those that might threaten health and those that don't.  Source:  Packaging World (Eric F. Greenberg, Attorney-at-Law)

Industry learns the limits of lightweighting

Lightweighting can be a win-win strategy, reducing the impact of packaging on both the environment and profit margins but food and drink companies are learning that it is not always the best way forward.  Source:  Food (Guy Montague-Jones)



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