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Brian's Quote of the Month

"Costs continue to increase faster than prices can be raised. We also have to deal with shortages of raw materials, including polyester (PET), a key facestock and a key component of thermal transfer ribbons (TTR). Worldwide PET production is maxed out. It doesn't take an economics degree to figure out when demand is greater than supply, prices go up..."
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This month in Label-Talk, we talk about how you can increase your efficiency with mobile printing. Brian Gale talks about raw material constraints and inflation. Also, read about this year's SouthPack show. If you have missed any of our newsletters, you can catch up using our newsletter archive.

I.D. Images' Team



Increasing Efficiency with Mobile Printing


As companies search for ways to become more efficient, many have turned to mobile printing. Mobile printers can speed up processes such as inventory, shelf marking, and point-of-sale by offering on-demand printing as you work. Instead of pausing your task to walk over to your printer, you can print as you walk. Mobile printing is commonly used to speed up processes in retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and law enforcement to name a few. 


I.D. Images offers three new stock products specifically designed for mobile printing. The 4x2, 4x3, and 4x6 direct thermal labels with 3/4" cores and black sensing marks on the liner work with most mobile printers. Contact us for more information about our mobile printing solutions, or view our more detailed product information.



SouthPack Show


Thanks to all who attended the SouthPack show. We had a great turnout! There were many exhibitors displaying the latest and the greatest in packaging solutions. The show was a great opportunity to showcase some of our new label solutions like digital printing for short and medium run full color labels as well as our integrated label and card solutions. If you did not get a chance to see us, we welcome you to come to next year's show in Charlotte from May 2nd-3rd.



Trends & Industry News

Lucky 7: Ways to turn lost sales into goldmines

It's estimated that four out of five deals are closed with buyers who'd previously rejected a similar offer. So prospects who rejected you yesterday may be ready to buy right now if you approach them the right way.... 

Source: Sales & Marketing Business Brief

Global packaging equipment outlook

Pent-up manufacturing demand plus growing consumer confidence bodes well for machinery sales....
Source: Packaging Digest



We offer free product samples on all of our stock products.  We recommend product testing to determine product suitability for any given application.  Call us today at 330.220.7300 for your next label opportunity.