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This month in Label-Talk, we talk about the benefits of choosing direct thermal over thermal transfer. We are also offering free freight on any new digital order. Don't forget, if you have a custom request for quote, submit it to rfq@idimages.com.

I.D. Images' Team



Choosing Direct Thermal Over Thermal Transfer


direct thermal labelsAre you paying more for something that you do not need? Direct thermal labels are typically thought to have inferior print quality, a shorter lifespan, and a higher price than their thermal transfer counterpart. However, things are changing. Over the past decade, the quality of direct thermal products has improved significantly and the cost differential between the two technologies has evaporated. While thermal transfer label media is still the preferred material for lifetime identification applications, direct thermal is a suitable option for most general purpose applications.

Direct thermal offers many advantages. Since direct thermal labels do not require ribbons, you do not have to worry about the quickly rising ribbon prices and their availability. The elimination of a ribbon also simplifies inventory management, reduces freight costs, and is environmentally friendly.

Next time you have a label opportunity, check with your customer first to determine if the application requires the label to last over a year or to be exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight. If those criteria do not need to be met, direct thermal might be a better, lower cost choice. If your concern is that your customer only has a thermal transfer printer, most printers can be easily converted into direct thermal printing mode. Contact us at 866.516.7300 for a free sample to evaluate if direct thermal is a better fit for your customer's application.



Free Freight on New Digital Order


Digitally printed labels can provide unique solutions for your customers. Those 'solutions' generate VALUE and create a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In addition, these products typically carry higher margins than the conventional thermal transfer and direct thermal products.

Applications for digital are everywhere. Any applications that include variable information, high end full color images, multiple lots, or short runs can be a good fit for digital. Some of your current thermal transfer, direct thermal, or laser label business might even be better suited for digital printing.

To encourage you to try out our digital printing, we would like to offer free freight on any new digital order (cannot be combined with any other promotions). Just mention this newsletter when ordering.



Trends & Industry News

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We offer free product samples on all of our stock products.  We recommend product testing to determine product suitability for any given application.  Call us today at 866.516.7300 for your next label opportunity.