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ID Images offers extensive custom label capabilities to tailor a product to your specific application.  Our dedicated custom label team will design, quote and manufacture custom label products to meet your specific requirements.


Capability highlights:

  • Up to 4-spot color printing
  • Liner printing & die cutting
  • Film, synthetic substrates
  • Private branding
  • Sequential bar coding
  • Specialty adhesive

Custom Labels


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Product Innovation for Commodity Consumables

Need a fresh idea for your customer?  Something new to talk about? Would your customer be interested in a product idea that improves productivity and saves money at the same time? 


We have a product idea that would allow for up to 50% more labels on a roll thus reducing the number of roll changes and reduced freight costs.


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Adhesive Selection Based on Application 

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's) are adhesives that adhere to a variety of substrates when applied with pressure.  These adhesives are derived from rubber-based, acrylic, modified acrylic and silicone formulations.


Each type of adhesive formulation has its own inherent strengths and weaknesses.  The type of adhesive formulation is a critical component when determining the right label product for any given application.


For example, rubber-based systems offer excellent initial tack and adhere well to low-surface-energy materials such as plastics.


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Source:  Chemsultants International

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Product Spotlight

4 X 6 Thermal Transfer NL 


Features our same great thermal transfer product with a 'more' Eco-friendly natural brown Kraft liner (NL).


A great product just got better:

  • Tested and proven performance
  • Available in roll and fanfold
  • Perforated and non-perforated

Natural brown Kraft liner (NL) improves sustainability:

  • Reduction in green house gases
  • Less energy to manufacture
  • Reduction in solid waste
  • Uses less wood (better yields)  

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