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"...As I have written in the past, many raw material components in our industry are in short supply. I understand having to put customers on allocation or raising prices; those are rationale responses to a business problem. Calling a customer and telling them you will no longer sell to them is a short-sighted decision that might backfire....."

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This month in Label-Talk, we give a quick lesson on durable labeling. We are also offering free freight on any new order of our stock UL-certified labels or polypropylene labels. Don't forget, if you have a custom request for quote, submit it to rfq@idimages.com.

I.D. Images' Team



A Quick Lesson on Durable Labeling


durable label imageWhat are durable labels? Durable labels are labels that are designed to last the life of the product that they are applied to. These labels may have to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, chemicals, grease, moisture, or UV rays. Because of the requirement for durability, they have to be made from specific materials that are built to last when exposed to these harsh environments.


The most common materials used for durable labeling are films. Films are man-made polymers that offer more durability and flexibility than their paper counterpart. When choosing a film, you can separate them by their resistances to different environments. Polyester may be the best all-around choice for durable labeling because of its high temperature, chemical, and UV/outdoor resistance. However, vinyl offers excellent chemical resistance and is the most commonly used film for drum labeling. For applications that require tensile and tear resistance, polypropylene may be the best option.


When working with your customer, you may not know the specific environment that the label will need to withstand or if a durable label is required. As a general rule, durable labels are needed for industrial and commercial products such as industrial components, automotive parts, tools, electronics, and appliances. Contact I.D. Images for your next durable label opportunity or for more information on films and durable labeling.



Free Freight on UL-Certified Labels and Polypropylene


I.D. Images offers three stock products that are designed specifically for durable labeling. Our 3x1 and 2x1 polyester UL-certified labels are designed for consumer durables including electronics, computers, and indoor and outdoor appliances. These labels require a high performance resin ribbon. 


Our third stock product designed for durable labeling is our 4x6 polypropylene. Polypropylene is designed for UV/outdoor resistance and works well for most long-term outdoor application such as horticulture labeling.

For the whole month of August, we are offering free freight on any new order of the three stock products mentioned above (IDIM10121P1P37S, IDIM10131P1P37S, and TPP400600P1P38F). Contact us at 866.516.7300 and mention this newsletter to take advantage of this offer.



Trends & Industry News


Which tactic is proven to boost revenues 240%? 

A recent Gallup study reveals the common strategy that has set top companies apart from stumbling ones over the past three years...

Source: Sales & Marketing Business Brief


International sustainability standard to be published in 2012 

Answering the growing need within the graphic communications industry to address sustainability and the protection of the environment, the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee is currently working on the development of ISO 16759...

Source: Label & Narrow Web



We offer free product samples on all of our stock products.  We recommend product testing to determine product suitability for any given application.  Call us today at 866.516.7300 for your next label opportunity.