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This month in Label-Talk, read about renewable packaging materials and the latest industry news, trends and tips.  Also, learn about the evolution of laser printers and how they support various label applications.  Also, learn about our new 'One Case? No Problem!' service.

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Laser Printer Evolution 

Laser printers have evolved over the past 40 years.  Gary Starkweather at Xerox is credited with the research and development and by 1971, he had developed a fully functional networked printer system.  In 1976 the first commercial laser printer was introduced to print high-volume documents like mailing labels and invoices.  One of the first laser printers specifically designed for use with an individual computer was released in 1981.  The price of that unit was $17,000, which made it unaffordable for most individuals and businesses.  It wasn't until the widespread use of personal computers in the mid 1980's, that laser printers were targeted for the mass market.

The prices of electronic devices have fallen over the years and so has the cost of laser printers and cartridges.  Additionally, the size of laser printers has been drastically reduced, while their performance and reliability has increased.  What once filled an entire room, now can be placed on a desk or small table.  Printing speeds have increased from 8ppm to over 100ppm in color and over 1,000ppm in monochrome.

Today these devices are found virtually everywhere.  From home use to small office environment to large businesses, laser printers are a vital asset to our daily lives.

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Trends & Industry News

Fighting an Epidemic -- New Tools to Inhibit Counterfeiting 

The U.S. has recently experienced two highly publicized examples of counterfeit drugs within its distribution system...  Source:  Packaging Digest

Molded Fiber Packaging Regaining Favor

Environmental issues have created a market demand for renewable and recyclable packaging products...  Source:  Packaging Digest



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