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ID Images Launches Integrated Label Product Line

Integrated labels streamline multi-function operations like

shipping and invoicing by combining invoices and packing lists with shipping labels.  Used in various applications including pick/pack lists, warehousing and inventory, return merchandise, product registration, UPC price labels and many more.  A wide variety of companies utilize integrated labels including warehousing, distribution, mailing houses, hospitals and clinics to name a few.


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ID Images Awarded Environmental Certification

I.D. Images was awarded certification for TLMI's, Tag & Label Manufacturers Institute, project L.I.F.E., Label Initiative for the Environment.  Project LIFE is a scorecard to assist TLMI members in evaluating and improving their environmental performance.


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Bundle and Save Today! 

SAVE by bundling our thermal transfer label stock and ribbons.  Bundling saves money and eases supply chain efforts.  Some of the benefits include:

  1. Simplify order & reorder process with single SKU / invoice.
  2. Inventory and tracking made easier as labels & ribbons ship together.
  3. Eliminate waste as label & ribbon quantities are matched.

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Fact Corner: Direct Marketing (DM)

DM is a sub-discipline and type of marketing.  There are two defining characteristics.  First, DM attempts to send its message directly to the consumer, without the use of other media.  Secondly, it is focused on a specific "call-to-action" with an emphasis on being able to track and measure the response.


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