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This month in Label-Talk, we talk about two-dimensional  bar coding and how it can benefit your business. We are exhibiting at the upcoming PSDA show and welcome you to join us. Also, catch up on industry news including an article about a company taking advantage of 2D bar coding.

I.D. Images' Team



2D: The Future Of Bar Coding


2D Bar CodingUntil recently, two-dimensional bar coding has been considered a niche technology only used in a few industries. Recent improvements in 2D bar code reading technology and the continued need for more accurate product traceability have caused companies to take a second look at 2D bar coding.  


There are several benefits to using a 2D bar code. New area imagers can read bar codes in any orientation and can process bar codes ranging from a few inches away to 50 feet or more. 2D bar codes can hold more information in a smaller area than traditional 1D bar codes and they contain all of the information within the bar code itself. Traditional bar codes only store a reference number which relates directly to a database record. Since 2D bar codes carry all of the data needed, they can be read anywhere without needing access to the manufacturer's information systems.


Some industries that have recently adopted 2D bar codes into their processes include manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and maintenance. Common applications include track and trace, production control, product authentication, and inventory management. Please contact I.D. Images to see if 2D bar coding is a viable solution for one of your customers.  



PSDA's Print Solutions 2011 Show


Print Solutions 2011We are exhibiting in the 2011 Print Solutions Conference and Expo and welcome you to come join us! The show takes place at the Navy Pier Convention Center in Chicago, IL, and runs from May 17-19th. We are in booth number 114.


The show features over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest products and services in the industry. There will also be interactive workshops and educational sessions aimed directly at distributors of printed products. Click here for more information about the show. 



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Trends & Industry News

QR Codes On Salad Packaging

Classic Salads LLC, a premier supplier of gourmet baby leaf salads, has implemented a new QR (Quick Response) program on its retail salad packaging for the Canadian market.... 

Source: Packaging Digest
Study Reveals The Key To 3x More Revenue

Should companies be more focused on engaging buyers or developing innovative products and services?
Source: Sales & Marketing Business Brief



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