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Create crisp, high-quality custom 360° shrink sleeve labels.

If you need to utilize every square inch of space on your product, custom shrink sleeve labels are for you. Our 360° crisp, pristine, high-resolution sleeves give you more real estate and creative flexibility to create the best label possible. Are you ready to focus on the brand and forget the barriers? Create the best custom shrink sleeve labels with ID Images.


Bring On the Buying Power

We’re bringing sleeves to the people. Anyone can achieve the power of 360° with full-service online ordering, group-run pricing, and Summit’s game-changing For the Love of Beer Program. Time to forget the barriers and focus on the brand.

Push the boundaries
Power and Flexibility

All the creative power and flexibility you love about digital, now in sleeves. From collage and mosaic to variable content, with the best tech available, we’re ready to push the boundaries of this new full-coverage option, are you? What’s more, switching to our wood-based film results in significant reductions in the use of energy and water, as well as CO2 emissions. That’s not only an achievement for you to be proud of — your environmentally-savvy customers will appreciate it, too.

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Production Excellence

The quality and innovation that you expect from Summit Labels, now in shrink sleeves. We heard you, and we’re answering the call with state of the art technology, bold and vibrant inks and materials, and the service you’ve come to rely on. For the first time, get sleeves as nice as your labels.

Recycle with ease
Sustainable Sleeves

Go green. Summit’s sleeves come with a standard micro-perforation for easy removal so your customers can recycle with ease.

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