Promotional Shrink Sleeves

Elevate Your Brand

Promotional shrink sleeves enhance point-of-sale appeal, cover and replace barcodes and introduce new launches, flavors, or ingredients. With total 360-degree branding, your package will captivate attention, offering greater shelf appeal for your new product or offering. Our promotional sleeves are versatile, suitable for limited editions, free gifts, and more!

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360-degree coverage
Why use Shrink Sleeves?

Shrink sleeves are seamless full-body labels that wrap entirely around a product, providing 360-degree coverage. They are ideal for brands to attract new consumers, stand out from the competition, and provide secure, tamper-proof packaging.

Popular in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food/beverage, cosmetics, household goods, and chemicals industries, shrink sleeves offer marketers 150% more label space compared to traditional pressure-sensitive labels. This extra room allows for comprehensive branding, including ingredient lists and regulatory notices.

Captivating Designs
Enhance your Brand

Marketers appreciate shrink sleeves for their expansive label space, enabling 360-degree branding and captivating designs. These full-body labels serve as a canvas for large, colorful graphics and images, wrapping around bottles or cans, and will grab consumer attention effectively.

Shrink sleeves conform to various product sizes and shapes, including irregular or oddly sized containers. They provide exceptional durability and protection against environmental factors, ensuring your products maintain their visual appeal in any condition. Moreover, shrink sleeves can be configured into tamper-evident bands, offering clear evidence of tampering if the seal is broken. This security feature is invaluable for products like medicines, cleaners, and certain foods and beverages.

Shrink Sleeves offer an economical alternative to traditional packaging methods. Digital printing facilitates shorter press runs, faster turnaround times, and exceptional print quality while allowing for quick design changes. UV Flexographic printing facilitates larger runs with excellent print quality and lower costs. Wide Web CI Flexographic printing facilitates very large runs with excellent print quality and even lower costs.

Sleeves can be hand applied or applied using automated shrink sleeve applicators, ensuring a perfect fit around containers through heat or steam tunnels. This method offers superior conformity compared to traditional adhesive sleeves.

Experience the versatility and effectiveness of promotional shrink sleeves for your brand’s packaging needs.

Experience the versatility and effectiveness of promotional shrink sleeves for your brand’s packaging needs.

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