Multi-Packs Shrink Sleeves & Labels

Cost-Effective Multi-Pack Solutions

D Images offers innovative solutions for bundling multiple products into standard
packages, ideal for club stores or special promotions. Our expertise lies in crafting
custom solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.

With multi-pack shrink sleeves, products of diverse shapes and sizes can be seamlessly
combined into a unified package complete with a unique barcode. Whether you’re
considering multi-pack offerings or running promotional campaigns, we’ll work closely
with you to determine the optimal bundling strategy that enhances product visibility and
drives sales. Trust ID Images to elevate your packaging solutions and maximize your
brand’s potential

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Multi-Packaging Solutions

Unlock the potential of multi-pack shrink sleeves across various scenarios, ranging from
seasonal promotions to liquidation of slow-moving merchandise.

Seasonal or regional promotions
Twin and bulk packaging alternatives
Custom print-on-pack promotions
Giveaways or buy one, get one (BOGO) deals
Trial pack sizes
Liquidation of slow-moving merchandise


Sustainable, Versatile, and Cost-effective
Multi-pack shrink sleeves
Multi-pack shrink sleeves offer more than just practicality. Redefine your packaging strategy with multi-pack shrink sleeves – a sustainable, versatile, and cost-effective choice for your products.

Sustainability: Opt for eco-friendly solutions with reduced material usage.
360-degree decoration: Seamlessly showcase your branding from every angle.
Convenient bundling: Streamline packaging processes for efficiency and ease.
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