Why You Should Consider Implementing Sustainable Labels

sustainable labels

Why You Should Consider Implementing Sustainable Labels

Sustainability is a growing concern for many consumers, and finding ways to make your brand more eco-friendly is becoming increasingly important. In fact, 66% of people have said that they consider sustainability when making a purchase and 70% said they would change their shopping habits if they discover a brand is not operating sustainably. Finding sustainable packaging also requires finding sustainable labeling solutions. What are your label options to help minimize your environmental footprint? 


Parts of the Label to Consider When Going Eco-Friendly

When you are considering implementing sustainable labels, understanding the impact of inks, liners, and adhesives is equally important


Some labels cannot be recycled, depending on the adhesive used. Some label stocks can be recycled while others are made from recycled components. Both of these material variations are considered sustainable when combined with the right liner and adhesive.   


The backing on labels may not be made of recyclable materials, making linerless labels a popular sustainable alternative. These linerless labels are produced without backing paper, with 50% less waste during production, and yielding more product per roll to reduce manufacturing cycles. 


Much like materials and liners, not all adhesives are safe for recycling and some can’t be used with eco-friendly stocks. However, there is an adhesive that washes away during the recycling process, leaving the labels with no residue and allowing better recycling rates for both the label and the container. This CleanFlake™ technology is a great choice for products that have recyclable packaging. 

Sustainable Labels from Start to Finish

Not only do the materials of your label matter, but the process of getting them from production to the consumer to the end of the life impacts the level of sustainability.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

Eco-friendly labels are great, however, if the materials used are not sourced responsibly, they can’t truly be considered sustainable. Additionally, the manufacturing process can contribute to waste and should be considered when choosing a label partner. 


Partnering with eco-friendly shipping companies allows you to show your commitment to sustainable practices. Opting for ground shipping, choosing a shipping company that offsets carbon emissions, and optimizing your logistics can minimize environmental impact. 


The lifecycle of your product from ideation to production to discardment plays a role in measuring sustainability. 

ID Images Has a Variety of Sustainable Label Options

Forest Film

This innovative solution acts like fossil-based plastic but is made from 100% renewable raw materials. Forest Film performs like a traditional white BOPP and can be used in waterproof solutions. 

This film is certified for sustainable and climate-friendly supply chains with ISCC certification, reducing primary energy demand by up to 9%, reducing blue water consumption by up to 14%, and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 21%. 

Ocean Action

Ocean Action is created from plastic waste collected from the coastlines and shores of waterways, preventing it from causing harm to marine life. It performs like a traditional BOPP and has waterproof and oil-resistant properties. It is also durable and can be used in peel-back labels, making it a versatile sustainable labeling option.  

Compostable Labels

There are various options for compostable labels at ID Images, including: 

  • Cane Fiber that is made from 100% compostable materials
  • Kona Paper which is a craft paper label stock created with repurposed burlap coffee bags
  • Stone paper which is a versatile label stock that is made from all-natural materials

Recyclable Shrink Sleeves

These 100% recyclable shrink sleeves are created with perforations so beverage cans are easy to recycle. 


Sustainable Labels Are One Call Away with ID Images

With all of ID Image’s capabilities and sustainable options, we can create the perfect eco-friendly label for you. Contact our team today to get started.