Navigating Price Changes with Labels and Signage – Tips to Manage Your Merchandising Costs

Prices are rising across the board, both for consumer goods and for retail merchandising supplies. But with these simple tips for navigating price changes while managing your merchandising costs, your store’s branding will continue to impress while you manage your bottom line.

Print What You Need Using our On-Demand Printing System

It’s no surprise that wasted materials amount to wasted money. When price changes dictate the need for new labels or signage, preprinted outdated signs and labels will be headed straight for the trash. An on-demand printing system like The Merchandiser® eliminates waste.

With The Merchandiser, there is no requirement for a minimum quantity, which means you print exactly the amount you need, as you need it. The days of waiting on a shipment of updated labels or signage to arrive from an outside print source are gone. With The Merchandiser, it’s quick and easy to change or update pricing, and to print on demand as needed. It’s better for the environment, it’s highly efficient and it’s better for business.

Place Larger Orders

Inflation isn’t going away; businesses of all types are forced to navigate inflation on a consistent basis. When it comes to inflation, there is only one reliable rule of thumb: prices will go up. But with some forward-thinking, you can navigate those increases more efficiently.

Paper prices are changing daily. That’s why, at Shelf2Cart, we honor price quotes for 30 days. Once you get a price quote, you can be certain that the price won’t increase in the next 30 days.

By considering your needs for the next three to six months, or beyond, you can place a larger order for the supplies you use on a regular basis. Doesn’t it make sound financial sense to purchase those needed supplies at a lower price tag? While this strategy requires a larger investment up front, it will pay dividends in the end.

Consider Alternative Merchandising Solutions

In addition to costing additional money, price changes cost additional time. Adjusting labels and signage throughout the store comes with labor costs, and it takes employees away from other tasks, like interfacing with customers. In today’s market, adjusting price labels and signage is an ever-present task, and any solution that makes that task easier is welcome.

Consider this time-savings solution to shelf labels—tearaway labels. With these labels, store employees can easily see which labels need to be removed or replaced, and they can simply tear them away. There is no scraping. There’s no need to open signage holders, or to remove plastic chips first. Tearaway tags remove much of the labor associated with temporary price reductions or promotions. Simply tear off the promotional tag while eliminating the need to relabel that item.

Implementing a simple change like this can ease the burden of navigating the frequent price changes we are seeing in today’s market.

Enhance Shopper Experience with Shelf2Cart’s Label and Signage Solutions for Grocery
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