Merchandising Tips: Make the Most of This Year’s Deli and Perimeter Bakery Momentum

In the coming months, IRI predicts continued demand for convenient meal solutions and prepared foods for entertaining at home, which means that last year’s deli and perimeter bakery department growth trend will surely continue. As shoppers gravitate towards convenience items to help ease their cooking fatigue, opportunities to encourage impulse buying and to cross-promote products abound.


Make the most of the deli/bakery/convenience foods momentum with these merchandising tips:

Recipe Cards

IRI research shows that shoppers are drawn to foods that are easily prepared with less planning, prep and cleanup, and recipe cards are a great way to capitalize on that trend. Whether attached to a package of fresh fish or meat, or displayed in a holder attached to the case, providing recipe cards makes it simple for shoppers to put a meal together quickly and with little thought. Shoppers want an entire meal—so make suggestions for some side dishes and even desserts to accompany the meal.

In addition to recipe cards, adding signage or labels that promote wine pairings or complementary dishes in the prepared foods section is another way to cross-merchandise, while giving customers what they want—ideas for ways to assemble a full meal.

Facilitating a pleasant shopping experience, while promoting additional products and ingredients, will encourage shoppers to move more product from shelf to cart.

Clear Labels

As shoppers are on the lookout for foods that are quick and easy to prepare, clear labels are a great choice. They work especially well on packages of prepared foods like cut fruit, cheese or meal kits. Clear labels include the necessary regulatory information like nutrition and ingredients, while allowing shoppers to clearly see the product inside. According to Dr. R. Andrew Hurley of Clemson University, “unseen is unsold,” and his research reveals that more than one in two shoppers believe it is important to see the product inside the packaging before purchasing. Additionally, about 50 percent of shoppers measure freshness by a product’s appearance, rather than expiration date.

Giving your shoppers a clear view of what they’re buying will go a long way in tempting them to move more product from shelf to cart throughout the store, and this is especially true in the deli and bakery aisles.

Creative Signage

Chalkboard signs are another way to give the deli, bakery or prepared foods section a premium look and feel. They add an artisan style in the cheese or wine areas, but can be used anywhere throughout the store.

Looking to draw attention to a product for a short period of time? Signs with tear-off stickers along the bottom are perfect for sharing time-sensitive information. When the promotion or sale is over, simply tear off a small tag, leaving the remaining signage intact. In addition to the impact on shoppers, these signs will save the time associated with relabeling shelves each week or month.

Two-sided signs are another option for increasing cross-merchandising. While one side of the sign promotes a specific product or a special price, the back side can include information for employees, assisting them as they make suggestions for things like wine pairings, side dishes or other products.

Variable Data Printing

The Merchandiser’s® on demand, variable data printing capabilities are also especially useful in the prepared foods section. Offering a weekly special of one protein and two side dishes? The Merchandiser® makes it easy to customize ingredient labels for each customer based on their selections. The ingredient, nutrition and pricing information is pre-loaded into The Merchandiser®, and premium, customized labels print at the touch of a button.

Attractive labeling and informative signs touting sales or product suggestions are guaranteed to spur impulse buying as customers move more product from shelf to cart. Want to learn more? Request a free demo of The Merchandiser®.