Customer Testimonials

"We have had nothing but positive results since working with I.D. Images. Every time we have had a question or anything they have gotten back to us right away and helped us out much more than what was required of them."
January 2019 
-Steven Zak -All Packaging Solutions

"Ken, I just wanted to give you a shout out for making a miracle happen! They way the team was able to turn around the customer's job for me was amazing!

I know that someone on your team worked the schedule to make this happen, and I want to acknowledge that effort. I.D. Images has stepped up to the plate at every opportunity and come through with flying colors, going above and beyond whenever you are able. Please know that this heroic effort did not go unnoticed.

My job is made less difficult when I know my vendor partners are willing to make the magic happen when they are able."
January 2019 
-Mary Gentry -Superior Business Solutions

"Every company will make mistakes. It is what you do to correct that mistake that will leave an everlasting impression. Very impressive, Jim. Much credit for your direct help and your team for the fast actions. Much appreciated team I.D. Images!"
December 2018 
-Vahn Miller -Midwest Safety Products

"Thank you so much for your help. I love working with vendor partners who can provide the whole package of support."
November 2018 
-Mary Gentry -Superior Business Solutions

"Alexis, I wanted to take the time to express the wonderful service received by you and your team. Not only did you speed up the delivery of a much needed rush order by 12 days, your personality was wonderful to work with. Thank you very much for all the extra effort."
August 2018 
-Kevin Longueil -Prime Label, LLC.

"The people in your Greeneville, TN plant are superior to other manufacturers we deal with."
March 2018 
-Pamela Moore -Howard's Business Forms, Inc.

"Great professional service Makes you feel that they have ownership in your needs."
March 2018 
-Joel Strait -Shorr Packaging

"Always cutting edge information. Fast, Efficient and always on-time."
March 2018 
-Doug Stackhouse -Heinrich Paper and Supply

"Quick turnaround on quotes and always helpful if needing a rush order."
March 2018 
-Monty Dukes -Montvale Enterprises

"Customer service is very helpful and stock items are usually on hand for same day shipment."
March 2018 
-Lori Nessner -Labels etc, Inc.

"Customer service is always pleasant and willing to help with any questions or concerns."
March 2018 
-Sara Bass -SupplyOne 

"The best customer service and sales team I work with from all of my vendors"
March 2018 
-Jennifer Farren -Crown Packaging Corp.

"Consistently a good partner with prompt acknowledgements and deliveries."
March 2018 
-Jim Reed -Hughes Enterprises

"Excellent customer service and a high quality finished product."
March 2018 
-Keith Childress -Bissell's Inc.

"Quality product, excellent service and response."
March 2018 
-Roger Bagarozy -ROI Coding Solutions

"The ID Images team has always been very responsive to our requests and with assisting us with finding and/or creating the product to meet our customers needs."
March 2018 
-Scott Hayes -Cardinal Business Forms, Inc.

"I had several surprisingly exceptional experiences working with I.D. Images"
March 2018 
-Patricia Morris -InnerWorkings

"You guys are doing a great job!"
September 2017 
-Fredi Formelli -Stamar Packaging, Inc.

"You hardly ever makes mistakes, and when you do, you instantly make them right. I wish that all of my vendors performed like I.D. Images."
September 2017 
-Grace Bronsink -Bravo Systems, Inc.

"ID Images has a fast response to inquiries and quotes and understands the distribution channel and the need to stay competitive. Most importantly, your customer service reps listen to their customers and advocate for them."
August  2017 
-Len Hardy -Trinity Graphic & Packaging Solutions, LLC

""It is a pleasure to deal with your team and I am confident if any issue arises, it will be handled efficiently and professionally."
February 2017 
-Jim Scott -Veritiv

"I have found Megan Puthoff to be the most responsive Customer Service Representative I work with now, as well as in my past. Megan is the utmost professional, never gives the impression that anything is a burden and answers any and all of my questions expeditiously. If Megan doesn't know the answer, she finds it out and is quick to respond."

"As a small business owner, I have many hats to wear. It is a relief knowing that ID Images has the support within to make doing business with IDI seamless and a team effort.

November 2016
-Tom Van Buskirk-Acme Label Solutions, LLC

"Our experiences with ID have exceeded expectations.  Every time we've had an issue (usually a last minute order change by one of our customers), customer service has helped us and made the necessary changes in a timely manner."
September 2016 
-Jeff Oram - Labeling Equipment Supplies and Service

"ID Images saved me!  Another vendor dropped the ball and ID Images came through with great service, quality, and delivery and saved the account for me.  I could not be more pleased."
August 2016
-Kirk Winnega - Proforma Blue Sky Marketing Solutions

"Working with I.D. Images is always a great experience..." Read More...
August 2016
-Lindsay Blum - WebbMason Marketing, Inc.

"I.D. Images has always been an easy vendor for us to work with. A majority of our orders ship the same day as entered. You can't beat this kind of customer service."
 June  2016
-Michael Black  
- Alpha Industrial Supplies

"I like the availability and quick shipment of the stock laser labels we order, and the fact that we get an email order acknowledgement so I can be confident that the order was received and when it will ship.  We appreciate our partnership with you!"
 June  2016
-Jason Marlett  
- Carolina Print Consultants

"I.D. Images has excellent customer service. I wish all my vendors were as good as you!"
  June  2016
-Paul Strong Capua  
- Able Tape and Packaging

"As someone who has been in the label business for over thirty years, both as a direct manufacturer's rep and now as a broker, I could not be more satisfied with the level of quality that I.D. Images provides.  Whether it is stock thermal transfer labels, thermal transfer ribbons or a custom project, I know that I can depend on you guys to deliver top shelf service and product.  Thanks again for all you do for me and my customers!"
  June  2016
-JP Mitchell  
- Mitchell Graphics LLC

"I.D. Images Customer Service is top notch. Patience, attentiveness, product knowledge, and prompt response are a few things that come to mind! Your sales team is quick to respond and call backs are always prompt. Product quality is right up there with Customer Service. In this highly competitive business, quality issues could easily cost you a customer. To date, I cannot remember having to return a product to I.D. Images due to a quality complaint! Overall, I.D. Images is a great business partner."  I look forward to continuing to work with you guys."
 May  2016
-Fred Membrino  
- Clic-Tac LLC

"I have nothing but positive experiences with ID Images so far.  Lisa Stang, Ben Wilcox and you have all been extremely helpful with handling my/our orders, concerns, and questions.  I appreciate your sense of urgency when we have an order that needs to go out ASAP.  I look forward to continuing to work with you guys."
 April  2016
-Holly Canter  
- Associated Packaging, Inc.

"Your service is amazing.  I like that I can call and get all of my questions answered right away.  I know that when something is hot we are put on priority and receive product in a timely manner.  I appreciate the hard work that everyone in the company puts in.  I will continue to let my sales team know that you are the first to call with any label questions and quoting for new business.  Thanks again!!"
 April  2016
-Susan Rayle  
- Day-Pak Inc.

"I have to say that working with ID Images is one of the easiest companies that I have ever worked with.  Everything is done quickly from acknowledgements to shipments. Any dealings that I have had, whether it be questions on pricing or getting an order out quickly, their response is immediate.  Definitely a vendor we will always use!!!"
March  2016
-Andrea Philbrick  
- Amherst Label 

"ID Images makes a conscious effort to ship today, no matter how late we send in an order – and in the event of a custom product, and when we ask if it can go sooner, it usually does. You guys have a really good operation going, thanks for providing us wonderful service since 2001"  
February 2016
-Diane Kotowski  
- FSI Label Company 

"For me, the personal and quick response makes it a pleasure to do business with ID Images!"
January 2016
-Lois Johnson  
- Macaran Printed Products 

"I know when I send you business that you'll handle it carefully, bill it correctly, and stand behind the quality of your products. If I had to rank my best vendors, ID Images would be at the top of my list, easily."
January 2016
-Craig Swarts  
- ALNI Ltd.

"We get outstanding customer service from ID Images. Kellye services our account and is knowledgeable, helpful and personable."
December 2015
-Robin Castor  
- Tailored Label & Systems

"As a company, ID Images has really supported us in every way possible to give our company the information needed to pass along to our customers to keep them happy. You make our job easier and much more enjoyable."
December 2015
-Terri Lee Miller  
- Consumer Interstate Corporation

"Your pricing is always competitive and it's not a waste of time to request a quote. I know that if I have an item, whether new or repeat, the estimate provided is not only received in a quick matter of time but it most likely is the best."
December 2015
-Bryce LaFoy  
- Gemini Forms & Systems

"ID Images is my first and sometimes the only label manufacturer I contact for custom quotes on labels. You're very prompt in responding to me which is greatly appreciated! Your pricing is very competitive. If/when I need a shipment expedited, you're always accommodating."
December 2015
-Sharon Miller  
- Packaging Systems Integration

"ID Images is a pleasure to work with. The staff is above par with their friendliness and customer support. They are always willing to go the extra mile regardless of the circumstances or time. Each experience makes me feel as if they are working directly for me....ID Images is one of the easiest vendors to work with!"
November 2015
-Jackie Houdyshell
- DFI Solutions in Print

"ID Images is an amazing company!....."
November 2015
-Sara Bass
- SupplyOne

"I like your willingness to rush orders when my customers call me last minute. You work with me on pricing and combo-ing orders to get the best pricing and you are great at recommending alternative materials and getting out samples."
October 2015
-Dan Acres
- Curtis 1000

"Larry and Rachel are two of the best....."
October 2015
-Juan Merchan
- Barcode Industrial Systems, Inc.

"You (Rachel) are the best customer service person at ID!  I also like getting the shipment confirmations, it lets us know if shipments are on time.  Thanks for a great job!"
September 2015
-Randy Mentzer
- Classic Printing & Label

"You guys are excellent, very responsive and helpful."
September 2015
-Tom Willett
- Shorr Packaging Corp.

"I truly appreciate that when I call, I am immediately greeted by a person, and do not have to navigate multiple prompts to reach someone." Read More...
August 2015
-Mike Quinn
- Michigan Business Forms

""Each staff member we work with is professional and courteous and goes above and beyond to assist us." Read More...
July 2015
-Scott Steiner
- All Barcode Systems, Inc.

"The level of service that ID provides is second to none...ID Images is truly a Best in Class supplier." Read More...
July 2015
-Phil Gibson,
Associate Materials Manager - Supply Technologies

"You guys are GREAT!""
June 2015
-Steve Scahill -QBF Graphics Group

"I.D. Images is always very dependable and goes the extra mile." Read More...
June 2015
-Thomas J. Ritter, -American Label and Tag, Inc.

"Doing business with ID Images is easy - their transactions are seamless, follow up is diligent, and customer service is excellent." Read More...
May 2015
-Colleen McDermott - Accutech

"I.D. Images provides quality products with consistent reliability.  Working with them helps us provide our customers with a quality product when they expect it."
May 2015
-Mike Brown - Sterling Packaging

""Working with I.D. Images helps my customers to love me." Read More...
May 2015
-Mike Gemma - Gem Barcoding

""Working with I.D. Images helps us grow our business by enabling us to meet the creative needs of our customers."
May 2015
-Kenneth Walker -xpedx

""With a supplier like I.D. Images, they make the load a lot easier for us.  Their entire team demonstrates an attitude of wanting to help us."
May 2015
-Mike Woods - Peak

""I rank I.D. Images in the top 3 out of the 400 vendors we utilize based on quality and reliability."
May 2015
-Deb Tavalocci - Advantage Label

""I save time working with I.D. Images because they streamline the process - there is no ambiguity or stress in working with them."
May 2015
-Janice Maher - Superior Business Solutions

""Thank you again for the superior service you provided yesterday. Jumping in your car and driving 3.5 hours to take care of problem customer was way above the call of duty. I really appreciated your effort, your professionalism on the call, and your ability to politely and informatively solve the issue."
February 2015
-Kevin, IN

""I sent this order in the 11th hour yesterday and begged for it to go complete, or 2 boxes UPS ground as a last resort.  Of cours your CS and Shipping departments got it out complete and it is delivering today, making us look like heroes.  The customer is over the moon!  Thank you so very much and please thank everyone involved."
May 24 2014
-G Chicago, IL

See.. this is why I throw business your way! You're so prompt with responses and diligent with your assistance; I appreciate it very much!

- Sales Manager, VAR

We were in a bind here, for a product for one of our key customers due to our own challenges. One of your customer service representatives personally grabbed my order and made sure it shipped. I was able to walk the order in to my customer and keep them happy. We would have had major issues if they had not received them. Please make sure you let her know I appreciate her efforts. - Sales Representative, VAR

The first batch of labels has arrived. We are receiving them right now. YOU GUYS AMAZE ME. Thanks so much.

- Sales Representative, VAR

I just wanted to say thank you to you and all involved at I.D. Images in the way that you got the labels to me for our customer. I put a post on our blog about what you did and I hope it helps bring more business to you from our company. I think you saved someone's job and I know you saved my stress level. Much appreciation.

- Sales Representative, VAR

I was just saying how much I liked that I.D. Images's Customer Service sent me confirmation & tracking on the custom labels for our customer this morning. That is just a little something extra my customer doesn't expect but I'm sure appreciates. I know I did...thanks for all your support!

- Sales Representative, VAR

Just wanted to thank you for helping to expedite this order and making this happen. Our customer is very pleased! This is the order where you checked for stock on the floor, and box sizes...this actually shipped yesterday with some going via UPS NDA. Thanks so much...this was critical for the customer.

- Sales Representative, VAR

Keep up the fantastic job you and your team provides to our company.

- Market Manager, VAR

We can't be successful without vendors like you.

- VAR, Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you for getting us out of this jam with [Company Name] we will remember this believe me and I am glad you now have the business. Thanks again for all you have done here.

- National Sales Director, Rehoboth, MA

I am a sales rep with [Company Name]. I owned a label convertor for 19 years before selling to my partner. So my knowledge of labels is rather extensive. The reason for my letter is to make you aware (if you aren't already) that [I.D. Images Employee] does a fantastic job.

I had a lot of custom work I ran at my old shop for contractual reasons and at various other vendors. In the past year or so I have increased my buys with ID Images in significant numbers. I have worked with [I.D. Images Employee] exclusively on each and every label we have turned over to your plant and she has been flawless in execution for me and my customers. I tax her with some very technical issues once in awhile and she is never afraid to admit she doesn't know and gets me in touch with someone who does. This is a sign of an excellent inside sales person.

I think once in a while you need to step up and recognize people for their efforts and expertise. Management sometimes misses the efforts and hard work some people put in because of the day to day tasks that have to be taken care of. [I.D. Images Employee] is my go to person with ID Images and you're lucky to have her. My business will stay with your company because of the effort she gives me each and every week.

- Sales Representative, Dearborn, MI

I really appreciate your "above and beyond" on this one, you really came through. We have to look far and wide to have customer service such as this. Again, Thank you very much.

- Certified Packaging Specialist, Cleveland, OH

I would like to recognize I.D. Images for the great customer service they provide to us. When we contact them with some sort of problem, they are extremely professional and responsive. They take ownership on following through to the resolution of the problem, and even in a stressful situation I have a feeling of comfort that they are taking care of it.

The prompting for this email is a very painful customer service experience we are currently having with one of I.D. Images' competitors. We have had a pretty basic problem (labels falling off boxes) with a large customer of ours. The lack of customer service at the vendor has put us in a real bind with this customer and we may end up losing them. As I was explaining the situation to one of our employees this morning, my summation on my experience with the personnel at this other vendor was "They are no I.D. Images".

- Company Owner, Overland Park, KS

I am very appreciative of the quality products and services I consistently receive from I.D. Images and your staff. On occasion we all deal with quality issues that are less than we like to provide. The proof of our business character is in how we resolve those issues for our customers.

I.D. Images has proven to me to be of the highest business character and reliability so please express my thanks to your staff for quickly resolving this current issue and for putting measures in place to avoid another occurrence.

- V.P. of Sales, Addison, IL

You always have a solution and I appreciate it. I know I need to appreciate with some orders coming your way.

- Account Executive, Baltimore, MD

I wanted to thank you and everyone at ID Images for getting this order out early for us. Your help is appreciated!!

- Company President, Rocky River, OH