Automotive Labels

The automotive industry is made up of a large supply chain of companies that provide various parts and components to manufacturers. According to Mordor Intelligence, the automotive labels market was valued at $7.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $9.45 billion by 2025. Automotive labels carry critical information ranging from operational data to identification, safety and more. Many of the labels used on automobiles must be able to withstand demanding environments where temperature extremes and exposure to brake fluid, engine oil and repeated washing can damage the labels and adhesive.

Types of automotive label applications

Automotive labels endure a lot of wear and tear throughout their lifetime. At I.D. Images, we produce durable, high-quality automotive labels for a variety of vehicle surfaces, from a car’s exterior and interior, to under the hood.

Common types of automotive labels include:

  • Exterior labels for tire pressure, as well as tracking, service and warning labels 
  • Interior labels for wire harness, seating, security, airbag, and service 
  • Under-the-hood labels for various warning, engine block, battery, powertrain, hose, and fluid containers

Useful labels for the automotive industry

While the type of label solution needed depends on the end-use, environment and surface area, our specialty product labels offer custom options targeted to special applications for your customers’ needs. Our specialty products include:
  • Warning labels – These labels must remain legible throughout the product’s lifecycle and should be durable enough to withstand water, handling, UV light, heat, chemicals and more. 
  • Adhesive systems – High-tack adhesives are automotive approved and primarily intended for exterior use where extreme high-performance is needed. These aggressive adhesives are well suited for oily, rough, low-surface energy substrates. 
  • UL-certified, durable labels – Designed for durability and moisture resistance, UL-certified, polyester face stock labels are intended to last throughout the lifetime of the product. 
  • Polypropylene face stock labels – Polypropylene labels provide resistance to abrasion and chemicals and act as a barrier for moisture. 
  • Variable data labels – Variable data printing uses software to customize individual labels with unique, variable data for tracking and tracing inventory, personalization and more.

Let's talk automotive labels

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