What You Should Know About Custom Label Printing



custom label printing

Every single product you see on store shelves or online has a label. And these labels are crucial to the success of a product. Detailing instructions for use, nutritional information, production date, shelf-life, expiration date, barcodes, catching the customer’s attention, and so much more, these labels give consumers the information they need to make an informed purchase.

For decades, many companies have been turning to custom label printing for their products so they can ensure a unique look and feel while making sure all critical information is present on the label. As industries continue to grow and demand for products soars, label printing services remain in high demand. So, how does the custom label printing process work?

Custom Label Printing Process

The custom label printing process will vary from project to project. However, it is important to work with an experienced label printer who can help you from start to finish. Starting with a design and all of the information you need on your label, you and your label printer will review it, optimizing the design and helping you determine which inks, substrates, and printing process fit your needs the best.

Flexographic Printing

During this printing process, a flexible plate is mounted on rapidly rotating cylinders that transfer ink onto the chosen label materials. Flexography is a very versatile printing method, allowing for the use of a wide range of substrates, colors, and types of ink, along with a few other benefits:

  • High-volume printing
  • Fast printing times
  • Consistent print quality
  • Can be used with other printing methods such as foil stamping

Interested in learning more about flexographic printing? Check out our blog.

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing requires the use of electronic, or digital, art files. These digital images are converted into a series of dots, called a bitmap or a raster image, which guides the printer’s imaging device across the label, telling it where to place the ink and toner. There are very few substrates with which this printing process will work, limited mostly to synthetics. There are many benefits to digital label printing:

  • High resolution
  • Fast turnaround
  • Cost-effective
  • Design flexibility
  • Does not require metal plates
  • Creates variable images

Rotary Screen Printing

During this printing technique, the printer pushes ink onto the substrate through the holes in a perforated mesh sheet, creating a label with texture. Rotary screen printing creates labels with visual and tactile appeal on almost any substrate. Most of the inks used today are UV-curable, decreasing dry time to get the label out the door sooner. Computer-aided design techniques are also used widely, aiding in the overall label design and decreasing design time and cost. Rotary screen printing is easily repeatable, highly productive, and has a quick turnaround.

How Does Partnering with a Custom Label Printer Work?


The first step is to create artwork. Working with a custom label printing company can help you optimize the design, add decorative touches, and choose the printing process.


After the design is finalized, the label printer will quote based on the design, finishes, substrates, and inks you have chosen, and the size of your order.

Preparation for Printing

Before printing can begin, your artwork will go through a preflight process to ensure it is compatible with the printing process.


Whatever printing process was decided on in the design phase will occur here, and your design will make it onto the substrate.


Adding finishing touches and decorative aspects to your label will occur here. This includes embossing, foil stamping, laminates, and UV-coating.


Once the labels are printed and finished, they will be die-cut into large rolls and cleaved into separate rows of labels, making it easier to apply to the product.


Finally, the large rolls of labels will be wound into smaller rolls that make the final application easy.

Work with ID Images for Your Custom Label Printing

We want to make sure your label is everything you need it to be. Our team at ID Images will work closely with you throughout the label printing process to help you finalize and optimize your design, and decide on substrates, inks, and finishes. We have many options for printing and can surely find the right fit for you and your brand.

Contact our team today if you are ready to start your custom label printing project.