What is Flexographic Label Printing?

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Flexographic label printing is a great option for printing high volumes of colorful labels on a variety of substrates, including plastic, metallic films, and thermal transfer labels. This form of printing uses a flexible plate, generally made of photopolymer, that is mounted on rotating cylinders to transfer ink onto the label material. With the ability to use a broader variety of substrates and ink types and colors, flexographic label printing allows for greater customization for your labeling.

How Does Flexographic Label Printing Work?

Flexographic label printing involves a few steps, however, ID Images’ custom, state-of-the-art plate-making allows us to combine printing, decorating, and die cutting, making for a more efficient and accurate print.

Once your custom plate is made and mounted, ink is applied. The plate is pressed against the chosen label substrate by the plate cylinder, which applies the perfect amount of pressure to ensure the proper transfer of the image. After the ink is properly transferred, UV lamps or IR dryers are used to make sure the ink is completely dry.

The flexo process allows you to print, decorate, add variable information, and die cut inline on a variety of substrates without having to wait for a post-printing process. This enables us to print highly detailed graphics and accurately reproduce custom colors for consumer products, food and beverage, and industrial applications. Once printing is complete, you have a finished label with no need to process offline.

Benefits of Flexographic Label Printing

Fast Print Time

With the ability to reuse plates over and over again without having to change them, flexographic printing allows you to print many labels in a short time.

High-Volume Printing

Being able to reuse the plate also allows you to print in high volumes. When you don’t have to take time to change the plates, you can put that time towards printing more labels.

Easily Print Large Volumes with Unique Designs

Flexographic printing plates can be molded or cut into very unique shapes with distinct designs. Since these plates can also be used repeatedly, you can print the unique, complex design in high volumes and in a short period.

Consistent Quality

The plates can produce the same design over and over again, providing exact, consistent printing on all of your product labels.

Cost-Effective Decorative Touches

Certain decorative applications can be integrated into the flexographic printing process itself. This means die-cutting, foil stamping and varnishing processes can be applied to your label efficiency without having to take up more time or use more equipment. ID Images have capabilities in tactile finishes, security features, as well as other visual and functional effects so your product is exactly as you envisioned.

Technological Advances in Flexographic Label Printing

Technology is advancing in every industry every day and printing is no different. The introduction and improvement of automation is intended to reduce the need for skilled labor, become more environmentally friendly, become more time efficient, and minimize errors in the process. There have also been recent advancements in the way color is applied to labels, resulting in clearer, more eye-catching product displays.

Extended Color Gamut Systems

The Extended Color Gamut System allows you to print four or more colors onto your labels while ensuring consistent color quality and matching.

Hybrid Flexo/Inkjet Printing Systems

Hybrid Flexo/Inkjet Printing Systems are great additions for adding tracking or authentication codes. This technology adds full-color variable data to flexographic printed materials and labels.

Look to ID Images for Your Flexographic Label Printing Needs

ID Images can run up to 10 Flexographic Printing</a stations with foil stamping and embossing, creating maximum impact. We use UV light to dry and cure inks instantly, allowing us to lay down higher-density ink during printing. Our process results in brighter colors and greater opacity for labels that pop.

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