Variable Content: Customized Labels for Less



Consumers are becoming more and more fond of receiving their own customized products meaning brands need to find ways to create those special wow-experience moments for their customers. 70% of marketers believe that customization has a significant and positive effect on consumers. In such a crowded marketplace, forward-thinking brand teams and entrepreneurs must find ways to customize their own offerings. So, how do you capture this love for your brand? The answer is simple—variable content and digital technology.

Variable Content Technology

Variable content technology is all about personalization. From custom signatures to unique images on every label and from batch numbers to limited edition runs, customization is available at all levels. Seamlessly generate artwork with variable content changes to create different designs, number sequences, patterns, images, and colors on one run of (same-sized) labels—without the hefty design fees.

We worked with Strange Fellows Brewing to capture the spirit of ‘West Coast weird’ by using variable content to create their Mister Hip West Coast IPA label. While this creative masterpiece is a few years old, it remains one of our all-time favorite use cases for variable print technology. Mister Hip moves through nine different yoga poses across the full batch of labels, which lent itself well to their own marketing campaigns for the project, creating incredible buzz and social media mentions. This, of course, led to all the cans of beer selling out very quickly.

Mosaic Variable Content for Personalization

Why choose just one variable element? The data says it all: 74% of Gen Zers and 67% of Millennials are interested in personalized products. Mosaic print software allows you to create sophisticated and personalized products for maximum design impact. Using a fixed number of base patterns, you can generate millions of unique images. Ideal for bringing whimsy and excitement to ‘collect them all’ campaigns, multi-packs, or event giveaways.

ID Images is Your Personalization Partner

At ID Images, we follow the latest labeling trends closely, so we know just how important customized and personalized labels are to the consumer. Our variable content capabilities allow us to add personalized artwork, designs, number sequences, patterns, images, and colors to your labels.

Is personalization something you or your customers care about? Let us know! Reach out to our team to see what we can do for you.