Label and Signage Tips for Universities/Colleges

Just as retail stores rely on labels and signage to interact with customers, colleges and universities use labels and signage to interact with a diverse group of students, faculty, staff and visitors. From labeling Grab N Go options in the dining hall or hospital cafeteria to creating wayfinding signage around campus to creating signage for the university bookstore, a well-designed label or sign goes a long way towards creating a welcoming, enticing and fulfilling experience at a university or college.

University Dining

Grab N Go options are well-suited for the life of a busy college student, faculty member or visitor who is often grabbing a meal between classes, meetings and other activities. With an on-demand labeling solution like The Merchandiser®, quickly creating and updating labels is simple and efficient.

While Grab N Go labels will vary by the product and packaging, be sure to include these key pieces of information:

  • List of ingredients
  • Pack date
  • Net weight
  • Allergy warnings
  • Nutrition information
  • Storage/reheating instructions
  • Store logo/branding
  • Price

The Merchandiser lets you choose from a variety of label sizes and styles, allowing you to pick the label that best fits the specific package and best sells the product inside.

Some packaging might benefit from using a two-part label, with one label on the front of the package and one on the back side. This approach accommodates an ingredient list, along with other product information, without sacrificing visual appeal and other design considerations.

Clear labels are another great choice for Grab N Go offerings. With a clear label, the product takes center stage and sells itself, while still providing space to include ingredient and product information.

University Signage

The signage around a university or college is as plentiful and varied as its visitors. Some are in search of the bookstore, some are seeking the nearest electronic device charging station and some are looking for the location of their next class. The wide variety of university wayfinding signage necessary to optimize each of their experiences, and to ensure compliance and inclusiveness, means that you’ll need to harness a variety of signage solutions to fill those needs.

A Few Best Practices for Wayfinding Signage:

  • Place overhead signage in a prominent location
  • Hang wall signage at eye level
  • Mark all junctions with directional signage
  • Use consistent branding, but consider color-coding signage based on department, school, etc.
  • Keep signage simple!

While some situations call for a freestanding sign, others call for a hanging sign, a wall-mounted sign or a sign displayed in a specific type of holder. Signage is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but never fear. Maintaining consistent fonts, colors, logos and tone across university signage will ensure a cohesive look and feel.

While many signs around a university are more permanent, The Merchandiser is a valuable and cost-effective tool for creating unique, on-brand signage that can highlight bookstore promotions, draw attention to books written by university authors or students or convey information about speakers, programs, deadlines and more.

Your College and University Label and Signage Partner

The unique signage and labeling needs of a college or university are tremendous, and frankly, it’s a lot to digest. At Shelf2Cart, our familiarity with creating signage and labels for universities and colleges gives us the know-how to guide you as you select the solutions that fit your needs.