Benefits of Foil Stamped Labels

Foil stamped labels give your product a shiny, metallic look that catches customer attention. While foil stamping can be used for any product packaging, it is most popular among cosmetics, bottled beverages, and some food products thanks to its ability to make labels look high-end and elegant.

The benefits of foil stamped labels don’t stop at their physical appearance. This decorative labeling method has many properties that make it appealing, from adding it to other printing techniques to its sustainability.

Enhances Packaging

Adding foil to a label creates stark contrast, making the product look visually appealing and luxurious. While gold and silver foil are the most common color choices, there are many other options that can be implemented that match your brand’s identity.

Easy to Implement with Other Printing Techniques

Many times, foil stamping is combined with embossing or debossing. Both embossing and debossing create a 3D look on the label and adding the metallic foil gives your label an interesting look and feel.


If sustainability is a pillar of your brand, foil stamping is a great decorative option for you. The process uses a small amount of energy making it quick and environmentally friendly, and hot foil stamping does not require any solvents, making it a dry process and eliminating most waste. Not only is the process eco-friendly, but adding foil to labels does not affect the product’s ability to be recycled.

Establishes a Luxury Brand

With more and more products hitting the shelves in nearly all industries, it is important to establish your brand so you can stand out against the competition. The vibrant colors and shiny, metallic look of foil stamped labels will draw the attention of your consumer. Not to mention, adding gold or silver to your product can give it perceived added value.

Multiple Foil Stamping Processes

There are two main foil stamping processes: hot and cold foil stamping. Each has its benefits and drawbacks as well as ideal applications. Depending on your goals and your needs, one process may be better than the other. Working with an experienced custom label manufacturer can help you determine which process is best for you.

Digital Foil Printing

As the fastest foil stamping process, digital foiling sends artwork from a computer to the printer, which then puts down toner which serves as the glue. The label is run through heated rollers and the metallic foil is adhered to the substrate only where toner is present.

Digital foil printing is very versatile, allowing you to combine foil and color print on the same machine. This gives you a wide range of options when it comes to the design of the label. If your design requires a high amount of intricate detail, digital foiling is the right choice for you. The printer can deposit the right amount of toner with precision, making tiny, intricate details—like small lettering—pop.

Hot Foil Stamping

During this process, a metal plate is heated and pressed into the foil, causing it to adhere to the label. This stamping method is completely dry, using only pressure and heat to adhere the foil to your labeling substrate.

Hot foil stamping is a great option if you are interested in a wide variety of substrates, as it can be successfully done on multiple material types. This process also has many color options, which provide a great deal of contrast to your label. However, because it requires a die, hot foil stamping is more expensive and takes more time.

Cold Foil Stamping

The cold foil stamping process starts with a UV-curable adhesive being printed on a label.  The foil is then pressed onto the label and cured under a UV light. This process is quick and efficient, producing large runs. However, there are more color limitations.

ID Images is Here to Elevate Your Brand with Foil Stamped Labels

At ID Images, we use only the most advanced equipment on the market because we want your labels to be flawless. Our foil stamping capabilities will add elegance and shine to your label design, giving you the status of a luxury brand. We consider foil a premium embellishment, elevating your product above the competition.

If you are ready to start foil stamping your labels, contact our team today.