RFID Labels

RFID Labels

Smart labels, commonly known as RFID labels and among the prevalent types of passive RFID tags, are crafted from paper or plastic (typically vinyl) and feature an integrated RFID inlay. Equipped with adhesive, these smart labels are frequently employed in “slap and ship” operations, seamlessly integrating with RFID printers/encoders to facilitate straightforward RFID tracking. The labels are available in diverse sizes, with the most common dimensions being 4 x 6 inches, 2 x 4 inches, or 1 x 2 inches. However, customization allows for the creation of labels in various sizes and shapes to meet specific requirements.

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Why RFID Labels at ID Images?

RFID technology enhances efficiency, fosters product differentiation, and empowers your brand to operate with greater intelligence. Termed smart labels, these product labels integrate cutting-edge technology for tagging and tracking, facilitating seamless inventory management and enhanced security for your products. Collaboratively, we can elevate your business operations, making strategic decisions for smarter growth.
Customization experts
RFID Label Customization

Creating customized RFID tracking labels is a substantial endeavor, not suitable for a first-time implementation. With a track record of delivering numerous RFID systems for brands nationwide, we possess the expertise to do the same for your brand.

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