The Merchandiser® Demo: What to Expect

The Merchandiser®, our on-demand label printing system is a game changer. Using it is quick and easy. It guarantees a time-savings, freeing your employees to service customers and focus on other tasks. It lends tremendous flexibility to printing your in-store labels and signage. The Merchandiser produces labels and signage with a premium look and feel and the options for its use are endless. And we have so much confidence in The Merchandiser as a retail merchandising solution that we’re willing to prove all of this to you, and more.

Choosing to implement a new on-demand printing and labeling solution like The Merchandiser is a big deal, and at Shelf2Cart, we know it’s not one you take lightly. That’s why we are committed to showing you everything The Merchandiser can do and all the ways it will improve your store’s function. All you have to do is reach out to us to request a demo.

The Merchandiser Demo: The Basics

We know you’re busy, so we’ve streamlined our demos to give you the key information you need in just 40 to 60 minutes. The Merchandiser demo is virtual and accessible from anywhere you have a device. We’ll ask the right questions to determine your wants and needs, and we’ll show you how The Merchandiser can fill your expectations. We’re always happy to include any key decision-makers, like store owners, deli managers and IT professionals, as well as those who will be using The Merchandiser as part of their daily responsibilities.

Prepare to be Wowed With Our Custom Label Printing System

The Merchandiser is a powerful and robust on-demand printing system that allows you to do so much with the push of a button. We’ll start with a general overview of The Merchandiser’s functions and capabilities. Then, we’ll surprise you with the functions you might not expect.

From printing recipe cards, preparation instructions, two-part and wraparound labels and more, we’ll show you the capabilities that will truly enhance your merchandising while improving productivity.

Go Behind the Scenes of Our Custom Label Printing System

The Merchandiser’s capabilities are plentiful, and there is no limit to the ways it can enhance a store’s retail merchandising efforts. While you’ll meet a small piece of The Merchandiser team during your demo, there is a robust team of industry experts waiting behind the scenes to connect with new clients and walk them through the planning and implementation process. Our team includes database specialists, customer service specialists, graphic designers, account managers and tech support, and each one of our team members brings something unique and important to the table.

Continuous Support

While we will give you an in-depth look at The Merchandiser during a demo, we don’t expect you to take copious notes to review after implementation. That’s just not our style.

When you decide to implement The Merchandiser, we’ll meet with you, the store owner, the deli manager, the IT person and any other key team members that you deem appropriate, and we’ll provide hands-on training.

We’ll dive into the features we showed you during the demo and teach you how to adjust label formatting and sizing, how to print recipe cards and two-part labels and how to create wraparound labels. We’ll show you how to manipulate the data to highlight a product’s attributes. We’ll make sure you have the tools to be successful, and we’ll answer your questions along the way to ensure you’re ready to harness the power The Merchandiser brings to your store.