Stock Grocery Label and Signage Products for the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and after two holiday seasons dampened by COVID-19, excitement seems to be steadily brewing. According to research from 84.51°, a data and media company owned by Kroger, 94 percent of customers plan to gather with the same amount of people, or with more people, than in 2021.

The same research revealed more details about projected buying trends for the upcoming season. With these tips and tricks for using stock grocery signage and labels to merchandise for the holidays, you’ll be well-positioned to capture consumer excitement surrounding the holiday season, and you’ll be on your way to encouraging shoppers to move more product from shelf to cart.

Signage, Signage, Signage

As the holiday season comes closer, many shoppers say that they’ll toss brand loyalty by the wayside in favor of sales, specials and better deals. In fact, 45 percent of shoppers say they don’t feel tied to a specific brand of holiday food, and 57 percent of those shoppers are seeking sales, deals and coupons amid rising prices.

That’s promising news for retailers, because it means that consumers are on the hunt for great deals, they’re open to purchasing new products and they’re agreeable about trying new brands. And, with the use of strategically-placed and informative grocery store signage, you’re bound to draw attention to special buys. This festive window poster is sure to grab attention, while highlighting holiday specials. Carry the same theme throughout the store with this complementary hanging poster. This grommeted, corrugated poster is printed on both sides to draw consumer attention from all sides.

In addition to using grocery store signage to highlight special deals on holiday essentials, now is a great time to utilize informational signage. These holiday-themed grocery store signs can capture the interest of price-conscious consumers when used to compare store brand and national brand products. Remember, 45 percent of shoppers say they won’t be brand-loyal this holiday shopping season, so use signage to educate your consumers and to help them make comparisons between similar products.

Draw Attention With Your Grocery Store Labels

With holiday-themed grocery store labels, you’ll make it easy for shoppers to find the products they need to complete their holiday meal. Labels can be used to highlight common holiday meal ingredients, or to designate special seasonal products. It’s simple to take a package from everyday to holiday with an eye-catching stock label that attracts attention and gives any product a festive feel. Or use a holiday-themed sign cards to identify essential holiday items throughout the store.

Clear grocery store product labels, like this Vu-Thru tag, can also be placed over existing labels to add a holiday feel to packaging, while conveying a variety of messages about special pricing and more. And, when holiday essentials are merchandised with special pricing, it is sure to be a grand slam, as Supermarket News reports that 75 percent of consumers will be more price-conscious this holiday season.

With The Merchandiser®, Shelf2Cart’s on-demand deli and bakery label printing solution, a quick adjustment to the formatting means you can add festive holiday graphics to any label. Merchandising your bakery, deli or Grab N Go offerings for Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Hanukkah or Christmas? No problem. The Merchandiser can accommodate whimsical or festive holiday graphics that instantly transform the look and feel of your custom labels for food packaging.

One of the best parts of using The Merchandiser to print on-demand holiday labels? There’s not a pile of unused labels at the end of the holiday season. In fact, there is virtually zero waste, as the on-demand feature means you print exactly the quantity you want, when you want it.

The Time Is Now

If you’re wondering when to begin merchandising with stock grocery signage and labels for the holiday season, the answer is simple——right now. According to research from FMI, The Food Industry Association, shoppers are planning ahead this holiday season, and holiday shopping is most likely already on their minds. For Thanksgiving, 37 percent of shoppers plan to shop earlier than usual, while 34 percent of consumers plan to shop earlier for the December holidays.