Inside The Merchandiser® – Benefits to On-Demand Printing

Your ability to move more product from shelf to cart isn’t just about what you’re promoting. It’s also about how you promote it.

Every product needs a label. A typical black and white weigh scale label certainly gets the job done. But a custom label showcases your brand, giving it a premium look and feel. A well-designed, high-quality label speaks volumes about your product and your brand.

The Merchandiser®, a custom label printing system, gives you the flexibility to print custom, on demand labels that are sure to draw interest and help move more product from shelf to cart.

Reduce Waste

The ease and efficiency of an on-demand printing solution means that you’ll never again have a stack of unusable labels headed for the trash. There are no requirements for a minimum quantity. With The Merchandiser®, it’s quick and easy to change or update ingredients or pricing, and to print exactly what you need, when you need it. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for business.


The Merchandiser® database supports the new fields required for Nutrition Facts so you can feel confident that your labels are compliant with the latest FDA regulations. With the flexibility to choose from a variety of nutrition panels, you have the option to design your labels to fit your merchandising and packaging needs. The Merchandiser® also makes it simple to adjust ingredients or make other product changes, a feature that is increasingly useful during periods of product shortages.

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Complementary Signage

With The Merchandiser’s® signage module, your signage and labels will have a complementary, on-brand look and feel. Whether for the deli case, bakery case, meat case or hot, cold, salad or soup bar, custom signage and labels printed with The Merchandiser® will elevate your product, and can be easily refreshed or updated as needed. With The Merchandiser®, taking your labels and signage to the next level also comes with a cost savings over labels and signage printed on an ink jet printer.

Enhance Branding

By using specific colors to mark certain flavors or products in a display, you can enhance branding and encourage wayfinding throughout the store. Colors are significant because they are associated with recall, so by coding both labels and signage by color, consumers can quickly learn what each color means and how it can be valuable to their shopping experience. Draw customers to packages with sale labels that they instantly recognize by color, or denote gluten-free or allergen-friendly products. The Merchandiser’s® on-demand capabilities make this a simple task with a big return.

Grab N Go

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed more retailers to focus on Grab N Go offerings, The Merchandiser® has become an even more essential tool to have in store. The on-demand printing makes it easy to accommodate a vast menu of Grab N Go offerings, and The Merchandiser’s® capabilities mean that you can quickly, and frequently, update nutritional messaging, create seasonal labels or highlight a product’s freshness. Labels printed with The Merchandiser® can also be used to wrap packages, preventing shoppers from sampling the package contents.

Unlimited Support

The Merchandiser® is user-friendly and intuitive, but we are here to support you from the planning stages through implementation. Our customer service team is always just a phone call away.