How to Capitalize on the Charcuterie Trend: Ways to Utilize Grocery Labels and Signage to Make Your Products Stand Out

It’s impossible to browse social media without a glimpse of a charcuterie board, or one of its trendy relatives, including the butter board, the fruicuterie board and the grazing table. A visually pleasing arrangement of perfectly positioned meats, cheeses, breads, spreads, nuts and breads, charcuterie boards are today’s social media darling, and for good reason. The perfect combina-tion of proteins, fats and carbs, arranged in an enticing display of colors, flavors, shapes and tex-tures, a charcuterie board is sure to satiate the appetites of partygoers, tailgaters and family din-ner attendees alike.

So how can your grocery store tap into the charcuterie craze? With these grocery label and signage tips, your shoppers will be well on their way to creating Insta-worthy boards and grazing tables.


Grocery Merchandising Secret Weapon: The Merchandiser®

Beautifully sliced meats, cheeses and fruits instantly become destined for a charcuterie board when designated with a custom label printed with The Merchandiser, Shelf2Cart’s on-demand printing solution. Because The Merchandiser allows users to easily change data, you can simply rebrand “Thinly Shaved Ham” to something more charcuterie-friendly. Calling it “Shaved Ham Charcuterie,” or something equally catchy, will help shoppers visualize it gracing their charcuterie board or grazing table.

The same concept applies to cheeses and even to cut fruit. Rebranding an item for a specific purpose, like a charcuterie or fruicuterie board, will help shoppers identify products to fill their boards with ease.

At the same time, The Merchandiser makes it quick and easy to print weigh scale labels, so items like fruit, olives, cubed cheeses and more can be packaged into smaller portions and crea-tively marketed as charcuterie board necessities.

Grocery Store Cross-Merchandising Works

A die-cut starburst is a great way to call attention to charcuterie-worthy items throughout the store. Write the words “Perfect for Charcuterie Board,” and place one next to toast rounds, party crackers, pita, cookies, olives, candies, jellies and spreads to capitalize on the charcuterie trend and create interest around those particular products. Add a sign near the wine or drink mixes for additional cross-marketing opportunities. Or, add a sign near certain items on the salad bar. Weary shoppers are hungry for both inspiration and time savings.

These chalkboard die-cut signs are another way to designate items perfect for a charcuterie board or grazing table. Chalkboard signs look, feel and perform like a real chalkboard. They add a premium look and feel to your aisles and displays while drawing shopper attention to the product you aim to highlight.

Freestanding Focus

While cross-merchandising will certainly help move more product from shelf to cart, you can al-so create a grazing table or charcuterie-themed display where shoppers can shop selections from various parts of the store all in one place. Kid-friendly snack items, pickled items, cheese or chocolate fondue and all the items for dipping—the sky really is the limit. Use a creative stock sign or create a custom sign to add a festive element to your display.