Grocery Store Merchandising: Best Practices for Grab N Go Labels

As food costs continue to rise both in stores and in restaurants, Grab N Go offerings remain a popular choice for grocery shoppers. Sales for fresh prepared foods hit $21 billion in 2021, an impressive increase of 18.4 percent over 2020.

As more and more grocery stores invest in enhancing their Grab N Go section, these best practices for creating Grab N Go labels will help draw shopper interest in your store’s prepared food selection.


Include All Necessary Information On Your Grab N Go Label

While the design of Grab N Go labels will vary by the store and by the product, customers are looking to Grab N Go labels to help them determine whether they’ll move the product from the shelf to their cart. Key information includes:

  • List of ingredients
  • Pack date
  • Net weight
  • Allergy warnings
  • Nutrition information
  • Storage/reheating instructions
  • Store logo/branding
  • Price

Keep in mind that each state has its own food labeling requirements, so be sure to double-check your state’s requirements for labeling before creating labels.

Carefully Select Your Labeling Solution

Imagine shopping for a tray of Grab N Go sushi. Or a prepackaged salad. Or a container of fresh berries. What if the contents were obscured by a label or a nutrition panel? Shoppers want to see what they’re buying, and while they want information about the product, they also want to see as much of the product as possible. That’s where a tool like The Merchandiser® comes in. With The Merchandiser, you can choose from a variety of label sizes and styles, which means you can pick the label that best fits the package and best sells the product inside.

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Some packaging might benefit from using a two-part label, with one label on the front of the package and one on the back side. This approach accommodates an ingredient list, along with other product information, without sacrificing visual appeal and other design considerations. Clear labels are another great choice for Grab N Go offerings. With a clear label, the product takes center stage and sells itself, while still allowing you the necessary space to include ingredient and product information.

Ability to Make Changes

As your daily Grab N Go offerings likely change, and as stores work through recalls and short-ages that affect ingredients, it’s important to use a labeling solution that can quickly and easily accommodate those changes. The Merchandiser is powered by robust software that makes adjusting or modifying labels a breeze. The Merchandiser’s on-demand print capabilities also means that you’ll never have a stack of outdated labels going into the trash, as you print exactly what you need, when you need it.

Request More Information

At Shelf2Cart, our 30+ years of industry experience means that we have the expertise to guide you through your labeling needs and challenges. Our sales team and our art department will support you on your path to designing the perfect Grab N Go label for your product. We are here to make product suggestions, share out-of-the-box ideas that you may not have considered and ensure that we deliver the labels that best serve your needs.