From Scale to Upscale – The Merchandiser at Work

Every product needs a label. A typical black and white weigh scale label certainly gets the job done. But, if you could create a custom label that showcases your brand and gives it a premium look and feel, wouldn’t you choose that instead? What if that label could be customized with the push of a button? That’s a slam dunk solution, in our book.

The Merchandiser®, a custom label printing system, gives you the flexibility to print custom, on-demand labels that are sure to draw interest and help move more product from shelf to cart.

Efficiency Is King

In a time when businesses around the country are struggling to hire adequate staffing, The Merchandiser not only creates visually appealing product labels and signs, it also creates a labor savings. Any employee will find that with The Merchandiser’s user-friendly format, learning how to operate the machine is a quick and positive experience.

With its integrated back-end, The Merchandiser’s software is powerful. Ingredients, pricing, allergen information and more can be efficiently updated and customized. It’s a job that has to be done, and doing it with The Merchandiser translates to a huge time savings.

The Merchandiser’s graphic capabilities take those black and white scale labels to the next level. With big, bold, visually appealing branding, you’re increasing your brand recognition, giving your products a premium feel, and doing it with ease.

Keeping Up with Trends

Grab N Go options were already becoming popular before the pandemic. In today’s post-pandemic environment, Grab N Go sales are showing no sign of slowing down. According to Hubert, Grab N Go meal sales have increased 72% since the pandemic.

With an on-demand printing solution like The Merchandiser®, shoppers can create their own meal from the prepared foods section. It’s convenient for them, and with The Merchandiser, it’s convenient for you. With the push of a button, you can customize the ingredient label, the nutrition panel and the price tag. Easily swap out proteins, side dishes and more with the comprehensive software that powers The Merchandiser.

Consumer research from Hubert also reveals that foods are 51% more likely to be purchased when they are marked with a “Ready to Eat” label. With The Merchandiser, it takes a tap of the screen to add “Ready to Eat,” or any other special designation, to any label. You’re giving customers exactly what they want, and it takes no more than a few seconds to make it happen.