Customer Onboarding Process – What You Need to Know to Get Started With Shelf2Cart

Implementing, updating or revamping your signage and labeling program is a big step. It can feel overwhelming or even impossible. And we’re not saying it’s easy. But, with a partner like Shelf2Cart by your side, the signage and label process can go smoothly.

Concierge Service

You know your business better than anyone, and we know how to create the signage and labels that make an impact on shoppers. In our initial consultation, we’ll walk through your needs and ask the important questions. As the signage and labeling experts, we drive the process. We have forms to guide you and to help us capture key information. Our designers, service team, database experts and account management team will help ensure that your final product is what you envisioned, and what you need.

Our account managers are a constant presence throughout the process, both as project managers and as a source of support and knowledge.

Regulatory Support

Because labels must comply with ever-changing and evolving FDA standards and national weights and measures guidelines, it is especially important to rely on the guidance of experts when creating labels. While final approval is always yours, our experts can provide advice on regulatory requirements and help ensure that your final product includes regulatory information as required by law.

Make a Statement

We see a variety of signage and labels. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve picked up tips on what works- and what doesn’t work quite as well. What font works best for ingredients and nutritional information? What font size is best for both appearance and regulatory requirements? What type of label will look best o n your container of choice? How do I best attach my signage to a new fixture?

We’re also positioned to make recommendations to enhance the productivity of your team and help your labels and signage be both attractive and cost-effective. With The Merchandiser®, printing on demand is simple and quick, and it might be the perfect solution for your variable-data labels and case signage. Or, one of our inkjet or thermal printers might enhance your in-store sign printing capabilities.

Through decades of trial and error, we’ve developed a wealth of experience to help you merchandise your store effectively.


With phone, remote and video support and training, we are committed to ensuring that once you have the tools you need for merchandising success, you know how to use them efficiently and effectively. We’ll hold your hand until you’re up and running, and we’ll be there to answer questions and help you troubleshoot along the way. We are committed to being your partner from the early stages of the process, through implementation, and beyond. We can also team with you to measure the success of our products, once implemented.