Better Together – How ID Images is Your Go-To Merchandising Partner

With thousands of options for labels, tags and signage, from materials and sizes to equipment and color combinations, a little counsel from people with a lot of experience goes a long way. Navigating the ins and outs, and the dos and don’ts, can be simply overwhelming without the help of a trusted partner.

At ID Images, our 35 years of experience in the grocery industry gives us the depth of knowledge and the experience to know what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve combined the resources, capabilities and strategic solutions offered by M&M Label, BridgePoint and ReadyFlow into one innovative label, signage and retail supply company, making ID Images your go-to merchandising partner for retail support.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

What type of signage will adhere to a glass freezer door? How many labels can I print from one roll of material? What are the options for attaching price tags to a wire rack? ID Images is not only your vendor, we’re your sounding board. Our expertise – in both product selection and industry trends – positions us to guide you in your quest to make your products stand out among the competition. We’ll ask the important questions to get the products you need to make the right impression.

Product Suggestions

We’ve got thermal labels, brightly colored labels, security labels and hundreds of other stock and custom labels with various finishings and adhesives. Our choices for tags and signage are just as plentiful. By asking some key questions, our advisors will point you to the right product to meet your needs.

  • How and where will the label or sign be used?
  • How will the label or sign be displayed?
  • How often will you replace tags or signage?
  • What printer will you use?

There is a product to suit every need, but not every product is suited to meet each of those needs. With our guidance, you’ll have the flexibility to choose among several great options, which certainly beats sorting through thousands of possibilities that may or may not work. In a competitive market where the wrong signage or label can mean a missed opportunity, having a partner with the right experience and product knowledge to make good recommendations is invaluable.

Graphic Design Support

While we frequently use artwork provided by our customers, our team of in-house graphic designers is also available to make your vision come to life, often with no additional fee. Guided by your input, our team will create custom designs for your review. When our creative team shows you their work, you can feel secure in knowing that the design elements are legible, impactful and based in industry best practices.

Our graphics team also serves as a final set of eyes on customer-supplied artwork. If we determine that a certain color or font could be hard to read, we’ll follow up with suggestions for improvement. Final approval is always yours, but when you partner with us, your successful outcomes are our only goal.

Cost Control

As your merchandising partner, we’ll help you think through your needs and develop strategies that will best utilize your resources. How many stores do you have? How often are you changing signs or tags? What kind of equipment are you printing on? With an understanding of these factors, and a healthy dose of experience, we’ll let you know your best and most cost-effective course of action.

Better Together

We’ve seen a lot throughout our years in the grocery industry, and we are here to share that knowledge with you. We have the inside scoop on what works and we are always available to talk through your individual needs. As M&M Label, BridgePoint and ReadyFlow team up to bring you ID Images, we consider ourselves lucky to be your partner.