Best Practices for Grocery Store Labels – Labeling Strategies to Move More Products from Shelf to Cart

With thousands of products lining the shelves, creatively designing and correctly utilizing an eye-catching and informative label is a key step to enticing consumers to move your product from the shelf to their cart.

Whether your grocery store product is in a clam shell, box, pouch or shrink wrap, your goal is to make it stand out to consumers who are flooded with imagery from every direction. You want to catch their eye as they pass, and you want to encourage them to pick up your product for a closer look. But, what makes a product stand out among a shelf of similar and competing products? A bold brand. And, using the real estate on your packaging in a creative way.

Visual Presentation

Before designing the perfect grocery store label to complement your product’s packaging, you’ll want to consider some important factors. How will your product be displayed? Will it be stacked horizontally or vertically? Can you spread information onto multiple labels, or can you use a clear label to ensure that more product remains visible? What label shape will best accommodate product information while complementing packaging?

Point of purchase marketing provide the flexibility for you to be as creative as you want and to brand your product exactly as you wish. Your final product will always meet your choices and specifications, but our team has the product knowledge to guide you on your quest to create the perfect grocery store label for your product.

Creative Use of Space

Think of your package as valuable real estate. Your goal is to creatively maximize that real estate to create an appealing package that stands out from the competition. When it comes to labeling, this can be accomplished in an infinite number of ways, as there are thousands of grocery store label choices and combinations.

Some packaging might benefit from using a two-part label, with one label on the front of the package and one on the back side. This approach accommodates an ingredient list, along with other product information, without sacrificing visual appeal and other design considerations.

Clear labels for grocery are another creative way to add personality to your packaging. With a clear label, the product itself becomes the backdrop of the label, while still incorporating all necessary ingredient and product information.

No matter what, when it comes to grocery store labeling, you have the opportunity to create a label that represents your product exactly how you choose.

We Support Your Point of Purchase Marketing Goals

With the understanding that creative and eye-catching labeling throughout your grocery store will make your product pop, and in turn, entice more customers to move your product from the shelf to their cart, we are well-positioned to be your retail merchandising partner.

Your grocery store labels are one key way of communicating with customers at the point of purchase, so your label should accurately depict your values and benefits. Our sales team and our art department will support you on your path to designing the perfect label for your product. With your goals and ideas in mind, we are here to make product suggestions, share out-of-the-box ideas that you may not have considered and ensure that we deliver the labels that best serve your needs.