Best Practices for Back To School: Labels & Signage for Retail

As the back-to-school season approaches, many people prepare for the busy shopping that comes with it. With this year’s 8.2% rise in sales of private labels according to Supermarket News, implementing custom labels on store-branded products can help shoppers make informed grocery decisions for their family. Although the 2023 school year will lean towards a blended learning style of online and in-person teaching, lunch will still be an important part of the day, and offering a broad selection of Grab ‘n Go options can help drive sales.

By creating eye-catching labels and seasonal signage for your back-to-school products, retailers can capture shoppers’ attention. Both of these merchandising practices can be accomplished with Shelf2Cart’s in-stock signage assortment, along with our custom label system, The Merchandiser®. This easy-to-use label system prints only what you need, when you need it, reducing waste of obsolete, pre-printed labels.

A few key items to include on store-branded products include:

  • Description
  • Net Weight
  • Barcode
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Instructions
  • Price
  • Pack Date
  • Branding
  • Allergens

Eye-Catching Signs Drive Sales

Having all back-to-school supplies in one place can make it easier for shoppers to find exactly what is on their lists. By including vibrantly colored signage, retailers can attract back-to-school shoppers to deli and bakery areas or promote discounts and deals on seasonal items. Shelf2Cart also offers sign holders and clips to easily hold signs in place.

Product Placement and Organization

Cross-selling back-to-school products with clever product placement can enhance a shopper’s experience and drive sales. Creating custom labels with The Merchandiser® is fast and easy, helping retailers promote prepared foods, and snack items effectively. Grab ‘N Go options such as salads or wraps can be efficiently labeled with various formats at the touch of a button.

Highlighting back-to-school related and complementary items on end caps can drive add-on purchases. Placing baked goods and condiments near the deli can encourage customers to complete their shopping in one convenient location. Shelf2Cart also offers direct labeling and shelf edge accessories to improve visibility and allow for easy price adjustments. With these suggestions, retailers can drive sales while back-to-school shoppers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

By creating eye-catching custom labels and signage, retailers can increase sales and move more products from shelf to cart, just in time for the new school year. Ultimately, these practices can lead to expanding a loyal customer base and attracting new shoppers.