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Create beautiful custom sustainable labels with our many eco-friendly printing options.

Environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important to everyone, including our team at ID Images. We understand the importance of protecting the environment and how important eco-friendly packaging is to your customers, which is why we offer various products to create sustainable labels. With a range of materials and inks, we can create unique, eye-catching sustainable labels for all of your needs.


Labels for the Forest

For the first time — a label stock that performs just like a traditional white BOPP but isn’t fossil-based.

Forests > Fossil Fuel

Plastic label stock made from 100% wood-based materials, sourced from sustainably managed forests — that’s right. To make the magic happen, material from trees that would otherwise be treated as waste from the pulping process is given a new purpose.

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Labels for the Ocean

Keep plastic out of the sea while creating stunning product labels.

Sustainable & Stunning

Give waste a place. Ocean plastic can’t be used everywhere, but it makes great labels. Plastic that’s been discarded along coastlines or waterways leading to the sea is collected and transformed into a durable, drop-in solution for your label stock.

No extra complications here. Swap your standard polypropylene label material for our white or clear stock made from ocean-bound plastic with no added setup or transition cost. That’s a step you can feel good about and your ecologically conscious audience will appreciate it.

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Go Linerless

Cut down on your waste with pressure-sensitive linerless labels. Linerless adhesive labels generate 50% less waste than traditional labels since they have no backing paper and are custom-cut as needed.

Digital Printers

Get your labels printed with our HP Indigo digital print engines. Here are some reasons that they’re green (and great):

  • Cuts waste and set-up time
  • Green leaf-certified
  • Carbon-neutral manufacturing
  • Uses eco-friendly Electrolink
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Go Green On Shrink Sleeves Too

Hey! We’re introducing 100% recyclable shrink sleeves with perforations for beverage cans, making it easier than ever for your customers to easily recycle your product’s packaging.

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