Peel-Back Labels

Got more to say?

Double up on your content without compromising on design with custom peel-back labels.

Need some more room on your labels so you can meet all regulations? Double up on your content with peel-back labels. Stacking two layers of material, or two labels, on top of each other gives you the room to provide more information without losing any of your stunning design to boring text. Don’t sleep on these incredible, versatile peel-back labels.

Triple Peel-Backs

What is a triple peel-back? It’s three layers of label goodness. Like a little sticky flipbook for your label. Three times the space of a regular label, for three times the impact. Capture the clean, smooth, minimalist look on your top label while still providing the information your customers count on underneath.

Yes, there's more
3x the Impact, 3x the Space

We believe in creativity and fresh ideas. You believe in making your life a little bit easier. We put those two things together and out popped digitally printed triple peel-backs. That’s right, it’s everything you’ve grown to love about digital, the flexibility, group-run pricing, and fast lead times, now with triple the space for design.

Peel-offs & Peel-outs
More Ways To Engage

A peel-off is a label with a sticker on top. Have fun creating an epic and absorbing label, then add a sticker to top it off. When the sticker is peeled away, it can be re-used and stuck elsewhere, and your label still looks good as new.

A peel-out resembles those sticker sheets we all had as kids. It’s a label with a built-in sticker. You can peel out the sticker – leaving behind its distinct shape in the label- and use it for a fabulous and interactive promo for your customers.

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