High-Build UV Labels

Brand New Raised

High-build UV screen printing is the newest embellishment technology, giving your label stunning texture.

At ID Images, we like to stay on top of the newest technology in the labeling world. Recently, we have integrated high-build UV labels. This new embellishment technology creates UV labels with stunning texture, giving a visual depth to your labels that make them pop.


I was extremely impressed with the quality of the raised effect that ID Images achieved on the label for ‘just the hits’. The visual depth and physical texture that it added put it on another level.


Looks Cool for Less
Appealing to the senses

What is high-build UV screen printing exactly? It’s creating a raised look and feel using layered UV, at a fraction of the cost of embossing, (and it can be completed faster) with more creative flexibility. Oh, and it’s super cool. All you have to do is identify which parts of your label design need a little extra something-something (like your logo) and then we’ll take care of the rest.

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