Labels and Custom Label Solutions for Your Unique Applications

Our customers choose I.D. Images because we provide label solutions. We have a customer-centric approach to finding these solutions, which means that we take the time to find out your individual needs before determining the best product for your application. We can assist you in every aspect of label sales, from the initial label training to joint end-user sales calls and product marketing. We not only provide the products, but we also provide the tools to help you grow your label media business.

We offer more than just standard thermal labels, and we provide outstanding quality and competitive pricing with every order. We have an experienced customer service team that can assist distributors with their standard or custom label applications and unique requirements. We can also provide private branded marketing pieces to inform your customers about our products and to help boost your sales. Best of all, unlike many other label manufacturers, we sell exclusively through distributors, so you don't have to worry about us going behind your back. However, if you are an end-user, give us a call and we will work to set you up with one of our local distributors.

Our thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels (also known as direct transfer) are just the beginning of the products that we offer. We also offer labels for laser and inkjet printers, digitally printed labels, films, and integrated labels. Whether you need labels for shipping, packaging, pharmaceuticals, retail or any other industry, we can provide a stock or custom solution. If you do not find the product that you need, we offer many options for custom products. We can offer special customizations such as face perforations and face slits, piggyback, and custom die cuts along with spot or process color.

If you are looking for a quality label partner for your distribution business, choose I.D. Images.

I.D. Images sells exclusively through distributors.

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