Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper-Evident Labels and Sleeves

Enhance Security and Reassure Customers with Tamper-Evident Labels and Sleeves

In today’s competitive market, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products is paramount. That’s where tamper-evident labels and sleeves come in. They not only remove anxiety for consumers but also safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Our tamper-evident sleeves and seals provide a robust security solution, offering peace of mind to both you and your customers. These secure shrink sleeves and seals are specifically designed to fit snugly around the lid, neck, or cap of your container, leaving no room for tampering.

Whether you opt for full-body sleeve labels or tamper-evident seals placed directly at the cap or opening, you can rest assured that your products are protected. These tamper-deterrent solutions serve as a proven and reliable indicator of any unauthorized access or tampering with your product or packaging.

By incorporating tamper-evident features into your packaging, you not only enhance security but also communicate a commitment to quality and safety. Invest in tamper-evident labels and sleeves today to safeguard your brand and maintain customer trust.

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Tamper Evident Labels Options

Choose from a range of safety tamper evident labels and seals at Impact Sleeves.

  • Clear PVC tubing: with or without perforations
  • Colored PVC tubing: with or without perforations, in a variety of colors & sizes
  • Clear PVC tubing with “Sealed for Your Protection” printed on it: avail. in a variety of colors & sizes
  • Clear PETG or PVC sleeves, seamed: with or without perforations
  • Printed sleeves with your custom wording or logo: seamed with or without perforations
  • Continuously printed sleeves matching your product color/wording: seamed with or without perforations
  • Full Body shrink sleeves with integrated clear or printed tamper assurance bands: T-perf
  • Full Body shrink sleeves with integrated printed safety assurance bands: T-perf
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